Wednesday, April 14, 2010

watchout!! Nikon d3000 is coming soon...

I can't wait to have my new baby Nikon D3000 in hand..just can't believe that i'll be owning that DSLR camera soon.. feel like jumping high to the air and scream "ho yeaaaaaaaaahhhh"..i have been dreaming about her ever since i was in semester 2..and at last after so many words of persuasion to my brother and sister they agreed to give share in making my dream become real..t.q all..

Actually my brother is not giving the money for free..everything that he plans would give him the benefit in return..i can smell that easily ok~ He is going to get married this becoming June and has assigned me to be the unprofessional photographer for his wedding occasion..I have no idea how he can be so sure to give that big task to me~ i know nothing about picture, not creative and don't even have the software to do editing, never entered any photography class before and worse come to worse every time i give a snap the product is as not good as you can imagine >blemish, blur, shaking and on.

No matter what i still have heart dear brother~ i'm not gonna ruin your big day leaving you with horrid pictures..i'll make sure at least you can see your nose instead of other parts of your face..hihihi..Well i know that it will be the most historical day in ur life and i'll make make sure that i can serve you the best that i can..Now i'm trying to do some study on picture editing and gain some knowledge from friends that use to do photo shooting..i cannot promise you the best but i'll try to give you the best like you want it to be (^_^)..thanks for trusting me bro..

Back to the camera..actually Nikon D3000 is designed specially for the beginner..the aim is to those who wants to take photo without having to worry about its complicated setting that will make you scratch your head to bleed. It is provided with intelligent guide mode that will offer you options of what kind of picture that you would want it to be.sounds easy right..The Nikon D3000 also features a 10.2 megapixel sensor, EXPEED processing system, 3-inch LCD screen, 3 fps continuous shooting and 11-point autofocus system..ok now i know that i can be a good nikon agent to sell their product..could'nt i?hehe

alright i'll just stop here..bye2


thebuszes said...

i want to be part of the camera...hahahaha

cool2bhaneem said...

which part??u shud be the lense..hahaha