Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daddy...........it hurts

 “Daddy……it hurts”

My name is Chris ,
I am three,
My eyes are swollen..
I cannot see.
I must be stupid,
I must be bad,
What else could have m ade ,
My daddy so mad?
I wish I were better,
I wish I weren’t ugly,
Then maybe my Mommy,
Would still want to hug me.
I can’t do a wrong,
I can’t speak at all,
Or else I’m locked up,
All day long.
When I’m awake,
I’m all alone,
The house is dark,
My folks aren’t home.
When my Mom does come home,
I’ll try and be nice,
So maybe I’ll just get,
One whipping tonight.
I just heard a car,
My daddy is back,
From Charlie’s bar
I hear him curse,
My name is called ,
I press myself,
Against the wall.
I try to hide,
From his evil eyes,
I’m so afraid now,
I’m starting to cry.
He finds me weeping,
Calls me ugly words,
He says its my fault,
He suffers at work.
He slaps and hits me,
And yells at me more,
I finally get free,
And run to the door.
He’s already locked it,
And I start to bawl,
He takes me and throws me,
Against the hard wall.
I fall to the floor,
With my bones nearly broken,
And my daddy continues,
With more bad words spoken.

‘I’m sorry!’, I scream,
But it’s now much to late,
His face has been twisted,
Into a unimaginable shape.
The hurt and the pain,
Again and again,
O please God, have mercy!
O please let it end!
And he finally stops,
And heads for the door,
While I lay there motionless,
Sprawled on the floor.
My name is Chris ,
I am three,
Tonight my daddy,
Murdered me.
And you can help,
Sickens me to the soul,
If you read this,
And don’t pass it on.

I pray for your forgiveness,
You would have to be,
One heartless person,
Not to be affected,
By this Poem.
And because you ARE affected,
Do something about it!
So all I ask you to do,
Is pass this on!
Post this as ‘Daddy … It hurts’
If you do not send this to everyone you know
Then you obviously don’t care about child abuse.
At first I thought this was just a chain letter
And I wasn’t going to send it either,
But now I realize that this is an important situation.
At least 5 children each day from around the world die from child abuse!!!!


You've made my day....TQ Kasih Suci

And the award goes to...
And so I would like to call upon Miss Ciimon to come forward to give her speech
Please welcome

CIIMON heading to the stage

ehmmmm...(adjusting the microphone)

Assalamualaikum and Hi..
First of all..Allhamdulillah (All praises to Allah)
I was so surprised to have this award in my blog

Thank you soooo much specially dedicated to Kasih Suci for nominating my blog as Beautiful Blog 
(Wait it stated there: Beautiful blogger so it means here that the beautiful one is me and not the blog..haha..whatever) 
I am so delighted to receive the first virtual award in my life
and so I would love to share this feeling with other bloggers..
So here they are:

Thank you again Kasih Suci..mmmuuahhhahaha

How to give the award?
(Kacang goreng, kacang tanah, kacang kuda, kacang hantu)
1) Write an entry about the award   (Copy the badge "THE BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD"and put it on your entry ~Like what i did la~
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Piece of cake right!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When women started to chat...

No doubt~ Women love to talk...a lot + uncontrollable..they seem to be born with that skill...

Generally we can say that women love to talk about cosmetic, relationship, hot story (gossip), shopping, entertainment, men, love, feeling and on..but in real they can talk about anything..how to prove it?? Easy.. just throw them a topic and they'll start to chat then it will expand to another topic and keep expanding..They are so creative to relate a topic with the other...Leave them talking for and hour and stop them..ask them to recall what they've been talking about..huhu what do you think the answer would be??

 Eh! forgot la, what was the topic just now?? ermm...ermm..err... ntah...

Last night me, Aisyah and syirah sit together in the room..At first I just told them about my sister who has been posted to Sarawak...she teaches in a remote area and really enjoying her experience of doing activities that we used to do when we were kids. Those experiences have the values that we could never feel it again in present days..

And so I told the them the story..It so happen when everyone were really excited to tell their story as well.then the conversation continues till late at night..

Nak tau tak? dulu kan.....
Aah org pun cam tu..org dulu kan...
Mase org kecik2 kan...
Die kan...
Itu kan...ini kan...

And keep continue...story by story by story by story by story till we feel so tired of talking..

It was pretty fun flashing back our naughtiness days..playing marbles, slipar 3, pondok2, ting-ting, celebrating Hari Raya, blaja mengaji and on...Back then whenever we made mistakes we would be punished and the punishments appear in different ways.

Here are some parts of the dialogues that i could remember:

A: "Dulu kalau balik lambat je mak rantai kaki...lps maghrib je baru boley masuk rumah"
B: "Dulu suka mandi kat kolah air, abah memang marah la..lepas tu kantoi pulak abah sebat            guna getah paip."
C: "Dulu kalau kene marah dengan mak mesti terus keluar rumah..tetiba satu hari kne marah        dengan abah terus nak lari rumah"

A: "Dulu kalau mengaji Al-Quran dengan abah mesti kne rotan sampai menangis..pantang                  tajwid salah mesti kene rotan"
B: "Mak kite mngaja ngaji..nanti kite tolong isikan borang kat jabatan agama..pastu dapat                duit.."
C: "Dulu mengaji kat rumah orang..dah la kne beratur..kekadang da malam baru smpai                    turn..klu da mngantuk sgt tido je kat umah cikgu ngaji tuh."

A & B & C : Dulu klu tym raye mesti kumpul ramai2 dengan budak2 kampung (walaupun x      kenal sangat diorang tu sape) g jalan ramai2 raye setiap umah (walaupun x kenal umah sape)..Ayat wajib tuan umah : "sape nk duit raye mesti abiskan air)" if not "ini anak sape?"..erkkk...really frustrated if we left the home without getting our duit raye "Raye taun depan jangan pegi umah ni lagi"...hahaha

I couldn't recall so much since there were piles of stories that we talked about last night..but if you wanna know more and in detail..u can visit this site http://www.thebuszes.blogspot.com ..she also wrote about the same topic...Enjoy!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 criterion of a cruel muslim...

Sufyan Atsauri said : "10 types of cruelty are..."

1.  A muslim who just pray for himself, not contributing his pray for his child (descendant) and the relatives (other muslims).

2. A muslim who is able to read Al-Quran fluently but in a day he couldn't manage recite even 100 verse.

3. A muslim who enters the mosque and leave it without performing 2 rakaat of "solat sunat"

4.  A muslim who passes through a graveyard and not giving salam or alms his prayer to the ahlil kubur.

5.  A muslim when in his area received a visit by an Alim ( a religious and knowledgeable person), he does not take the opportunity to learn from him.

6. A muslim when he meet his friend but didn't greet each other.

7. A muslim who travels to a new place but didn't perform solah with the jamaah.

8. A muslim who is invited to an occasion yet he refused to attend.

9. A muslim who is unemployed and doesn't want to improve his knowledge and politeness.

10 A muslim who is filled with food otherwise he knows that his neighbour is hungry. (don't even offer his food to the need one)


Men from Mars and Women from venus ~my version~

My review on Men from Mars Women from Venus by John Gray

Men and women used to be different in so many ways..

Thought..ideas..feeling...interest...patterns and so forth

However, the differences bring them together as one ideal partner...ehemmm sounds like a pro..okay let see.. what he says and she says..

Women : Known as alien from Venus
Characteristics : Tender, fragile, Sensitive, Strong intuition

Women always complain : Why he doesn't want to call me???
                                                 Did he really love me??
                                                                                                               Why??why??why??? and Why?????????

(Feminist point of view )  Basically women tend to arise so many questions to satisfy themselves. SIMPLE..All they  need is proof shown by the men that they do really care about their partner + be a good listener to her problems and comfort her with sweet words. Conclusion - women want ATTENTION.

                                      HOW ABOUT MEN???
 Men : Alien from Mars
 Characteristic : Ego, superior, rationale, n bla3

 Men would always response : Just take it easy..
                                                      Then what else....

(Patriarch point of view) : Men want to lead, they want to solve problems that come to them on their own. He acts like a saviour. At time, men manage to control situation easily because of his calmness and rationality..

Both aliens are actually talk in different language but they thought they could understand each other..That's why they frequently involve in small fight or argument...MISUNDERSTANDING...Women would perceive and understand what is being said by men in different interpretation and so do men...What they need to do to maintain the relationship is a good interaction/ effective communication and unlimited patience..

I just write based on what I've read
NO offend~

The dialogues below are taken from my friend's file which is also related to this topic..I guess~

30 Vs 12

30 Luahan Perasaan Suami.

1."Isteriku, Iktitraflah kelakianku"
2."Isteriku,Jagalah Rumahku"
3."Isteriku, Janganlah Leteri aku"
4."Isteriku, Fahamilah Perasaanku"
5."Isteriku, Berbincanglah dengan ku"
6."Isteriku, Hiasilah Dirimu"
7."Isteriku, Berlemah Lembutlah terhadapku"
8."Isteriku,Hargailah pemberianku"
9."Isteriku, Janganlah Pilih Kasih Terhadap Anak-anak"
10."Isteriku, Jagalah Makan Minumku"
11."Isteriku,Jagalah pakaianku"
12."Isteriku , Didiklah Anak-Anakku"
13."Isteriku, Raikan Keluargaku"
14."Isteriku, Sembunyikanlah Kepintaran & Kelebihanmu"
15."Isteriku, Janganlah Membuang Masamu"
16."Isteriku, Janganlah Banyak Kerenah"
17."Isteriku, Patuhlah Kepadaku"
18."Isteriku, Janganlah Cemburu Buta"
19."Isteriku, Tunjukanlah sifat sabarmu"
20."Isteriku ,Iktiraflah Kepimpinanku"
21." Isteriku, Bantulah Kejayaan ku."
22"Isteriku,"Jadikan Anak2ku Insan Berakhlak mulia"
23."Isteriku, Permudahlan Penglibatan Sosial ku"
24."Isteriku, Janganlah Boros"
25."Isteriku, Hargailah Kejayaanku"
26"Isteriku,Galakkanlah Hobiku"
27."Isteriku, Suburkanlah Pembangunan Intelek ku"
28."Isteriku,Berjimat Cermatlah"
29."Isteriku, Berterus-terang dan Berkomunikasilah Denganku"
30."Isteriku, Janganlah Terlalu Mengawalku."

12 Keluhan Isteri Terhadap Suami

1. suamiku...bimbinglah keluargamu...
2. suamiku...janganler rileks aje...tolonglah sikit !!!
3. suamiku...jagalah matamu...
4. suamiku...jangan abaikan rumahtanggamu
5. suamiku...jangan balik kerja lambat sangat
6. suamiku...dengarlah rintihan hatiku....
7. suamiku...bertutur dengan lembutlah nganku...jangan main hentam kromo aje!!!
8. suamiku...setialah pada keluargamu....JANGAN CARI YANG LAIN!!!!
9. suamiku...bersabarlah dengan kerenah anak-anakmu !!!
10.suamiku...ciumlah pipiku @ dahiku sebelum pergi kerja
11.suamiku...makan dan minumlah hidangan dari air     tanganku. Jangan jeling aje dan nak komen aje.
12.suamiku...pujilah diriku dan jangan bandingkan diriku dengan orang lain!!!!

What's Good is always from Allah and What's bad comes from my weaknesses

Is color that makes us different???

Think again...
if you think color makes you different from others, then what colors do you think is the best?
Is white is better than black? and vice versa

What appears in your mind when i mentioned about color?

What I meant here is colors that represent race/ tribe..

The Black people (colored) and The White people. Why they are called black or white people? First point - obviously, can be seen through their physical look >>skin pigmentation and secondly maybe because of the status and history..i guess laa

OK just put that aside..

So the reason I posted this entry is because I want to share a poem that is so meaningful especially to those  who are really aware of racism. An innocent voice portrayed by an African kid in a form of a poem..It sounds humorous and has satirical meaning...

I learned that this poem is nominated by UN as the best poem on 2006 but seems like there are people who doubted it since they have heard it somewhere in a lyric of a song around 90s..well i don't care from which source the poem is taken..what I'm trying to emphasize here is the brilliant idea to picture a thought of lifes harshness in such a words..credit to the anonymous..

Let see how's your expression after reading the poem..enjoy~~

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black
And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray
And you calling me colored :) ??

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TM is blessed with flags.

Flags are coloring Tanjong Malim at the moment..all corners and road side received attentions from everyone who passes through it..including me (",)..What I see now is a big battle between Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) VS Barisan Nasional (BN)..



These photos are taken from google

The election is organized due to the death of Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad (member of parliament from PKR) last 25th March. As for BN this is the right time for them to win over Ulu Selangor back since it has been taken away by PKR..So many policies have been draw out by both parties intentionally to captivate the voters. It seems that BN is using the PM's poster to attract the folks and it so happen that the PM's posters dominantly filling the roadside than the candidate himself. While PKR is cheering up the way side with banners showing the founder of PKR and their flags.

Issues also have been raised up to portray each party's weaknesses..bombarding the opponent with the mistake done along their ruling session. Newspapers, flyers and brochures are spread for free to disperse widely their thoughts, hope and policies that is promised to be implemented if they are chosen as the leader of Ulu selangor. All of these are only strategies played by both parties..

I'm not originally from Ulu Selangor and have no right to contribute my vote here.But i feel happy to witness the situation that rarely happen..So i would love to share some of the scenery before the election day..

BEFORE 25th APRIL 2010 
 When blue and blue sit side by side

A bit of green made the view even colorful.

I dare myself to snap this picture which is placed in front of the PKR central point..~ I was so so so and so embarrassed~

I wish that they will not find out that i'm riding my bike illegally since my roadtax is already expired...jeng..jeng..jeng

PKR seems to conquer the road side with their banners...

All the way to Pekan Tanjung Malim

 Guess who will they vote for?
then the Pak cik will say ~UNDI ITU RAHSIA~


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beware!! Satan’s name in your Fatihah

I received a message posted by my Jr in FB last few days and thought of sharing it with you..
Actually It tells about the errors in your reading that may convey wrong meaning (the satan’s name).. I believe this is so important to be shared coz some of us might not realize or unaware on the words that we utter in our daily pray...We pray coz we know it is part of our duty of obeisance to our God (Allah the Almighty)..But in actual fact, are we really giving the best to perform it? How many of us have really understood the meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah that we’ve applied in our solah? ~The answer is in our heart~
There is a say “Apabila cacat bacaannya maka, rosaklah solatnya” which means we will not achieve perfect solah with imperfect reading /recitation. Therefore, be mindful of what we read and help yourself to improve the knowledge.
Here are some of the words that may contribute to the Satan’s name if we pronounced it wrongly:
1. DU LI LAH (When read it without sabdu) supposedly DULILLAH

2. HIR ROB (When read it with sabdu) supposedly HI ROB

3. KIYYAU (When read it with sabdu) supposedly KI YAU

4. KANNAK (When read it with sabdu) suppose to be KA NAK

5. KANNAS (When read it with sabdu) suppose to be KA NAS

6. Iya (pronounce without sabdu) shoud be pronounced as Iyya. Iya means 'sun' in the fifth verse,when we  read it wrongly it will turn the meaning to "kepada mataharilah yang kami sembah dan kepada matahari kami meminta pertolongan"!!!! (We obeisance the sun and to him we ask for help) 

7. SIROTHOLLAZI............. read through without stop till end. 

8. AMIN ...............Close the reading of surah Al-Fatihah with AAmin (AA means 2 harakah) and MIN (with 3 harakah)

Hope this info will give benefit to you and do correct me if I did any mistake in delivering the message to you…Anything good is always comes from Allah..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I went for a sightseeing to Proton City last Monday..Actually I planned to do my revision for the paper that I've taken today at the first place but, it turned out to be a 'snap session'...

Early in the morning...
Me, Zarah and Basyirah decided to go to Proton City hoped that we could gain new mood of study in new environment..As usual our life is incomplete without food so, we stopped by a stall to get our breakfast. Unfortunately, nothing much left since it was almost 10.00 a.m and it's common that most of stall around TM would finish their selling around that time..Still we didn't give up of trying..we moved from one stall to another..At last we knew that the best place to go is "Mamak Bayan"~available 24 hours..

Proton City...
Since i brought my D3000 along so, it is a waste to not to use it at the right place and the right time..i took it out from the bagman and started clicking..So contented to look at the result..Though i'm not a pro in photo shooting I managed to snap some beautiful pictures..and it is sort of achievement to me...Credit to Aisyah who has taaught me on how to use it?

Here are some of the pictures taken at Proton City lake by me n syirah.