Friday, December 10, 2010

Do not manipulating YES word..

Today no beautiful introduction or flowering words..Straight to the point I just want to say..."Can't you say it direct to the face..

YES or NO" is that hard for you!!!...(exaggerating the mood)..

Well sometimes I believe there are people who just cannot simply say those three/two letter word Y.E.S or N.O..unless it is just open ended question "Have you eaten??"..yessssss or noooooooooo..Giving  you a situation like this...

Ok "A" is a super duper best friend of "B"...which is unquestionably loyal and trustworthy..No matter how hard the situation is "A" will always stand by "B"..Offering his hand when "B" almost fell, lend his ears to listen to every size of problem, shed "B's" tears, borrowing his shoulder for "B" to cry on, sharing with "B" his umbrella during rainy day..bla..bla..bla..etc...and so one day "A" asked "B" to accompany him to attend a family ceremony which is quite a big event and very meaningful to "A"..the feeling of owing "A's" kindness has made "B" saying YES to the invitation else "B" actually is having tons of works which is almost on due and facing a very hard time directly say that he actually will not be able to attend it...the day before the ceremony "B" called "A" telling him that "B" couldn't attend to the event providing with such irrelevant excuses..(cheat..beautiful one)..That was really made "A" sad....

The point here is..."B" shouldn't have said YES when he knows that he'll not b eable to take part...and that's what I mean by manipulating the word...though he is your best-est friend u've ever had be frank with him even it can tear your skin (just wanna describe how hurt it is) On the top of that more problem will occur, more lies will be created and even hearts will put the strength to say Yes on the right time in a right way..say it when you know you can or you not play around the bush yet at the end will make you suffer...

But, on the other way round there are people who take the yes word as his own when the other person do not claim any yes at all...example..."We will go together to the **whatever place" without even once asking do you free on this particular day? first...and that moment the NO word is so powerful...

see ya in the next entry mmmuaahhh 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Somestime it's not easy to get things tht u've always planned to have~face it!!

If I were to have my own wishlist which surely be granted, it will be as thick as yellow pages or even thicker...I believe it is a normal feeling that every human created in this world have or perhaps I might say that it's part of human characters where we always have 'I wish I could have' word in ourselves.Ok now I sound like i'm giving a lecture here..ha3~WELL a good story starts with a good introduction right...I'm sure the tittle of my entry has given you a clear picture of what i'm trying to say..or still u want me to explain in detail..hmmm...ok i'll give you an analogy...You're dying to get Faber Castle True Gel pen and ask your father to buy you one but sadly when he came back he just bought you Ah Heng tragic isn't it?well that is actually what i'm trying to say...u expected something happen in ur life which is according to what u've planned and so it turn out to be something else u never imagine or expected which turn u down (=,=")...

I guess everyone is clear with that...Lately I bumped into something which I really couldn't tell's a 'sshhhh' so i'm just gonna describe it as "A"...It was sort of feeling I really want "A" to be mine...I pray to God wishing that I could own "A" one fine day..but as I really couldn't bear waiting, everyday that past seems too long and I push myself hard to keep praying..I've no other way to get it besides is not simply just giving a call and get it serves within 30 minutes like ordering pizza or cracking your piggy bank just to buy an ice-cream...This "A" is so much different from what I ever wanted..I know "A" but I never met "A" yet I want "A"...whuuuiiissshhhh what an explanation~Within that, so many things started to cross my mind..What if I couldn't get "A"? What if "A" is fated not to be mine? What if "A" is just a distraction of my life??............

Is "A" so meaningful in my life?? the answer is "I'm not sure" but why I keep forcing myself to it...well since i'm on semester break I don't mind loading myself with such questions..uhuks...ok back to the "A" issues...So as the questions and eagerness keep playing around me I try to tell myself not to get into it too much then, I try to make myself busy...Tell u, there was one day when I surf the internet looking on articles which I can read and spend my time on..As I dabbled the mouse on some issues on the screen coincidentally, I clicked on one article which  seems to give answers to my questions..well I just like the ending part of the articles where it says 'Only He knows what's the best for you...Have faith in Him..pray and ask for his help..take heed'..sort of like that...well yeeahhh this is it...take a heed..keep praying He loves to listen to your pray..He'll grant u when He knows that you are ready to have it..(motivating myself) I tell myself..It doesn't matter if I just got "B" which is mostly like "A" coz Allah knows that i'm not eligible to get "A" and perhaps "B" is actually better than "A" what I mean here is do not simply give up of what has been fated to hard to get what you want but don't ever grumble if at the end it still not grateful with it......face it....accept it.....appreciate it.........

Monday, December 6, 2010

Opick - Taubat

wahai tuhan jauh sudah
lelah kaki melangkah
aku hilang tanpa arah
rindu hati sinarmu

wahai tuhan aku lemah
hilang terumur noda
hapuskanlah terangilah
jiwa di hitam jalanku

ampunkanlah aku
terimalah taubatku
sesungguhnya engkau
sang maha pengampun dosa

Ya robbi, ijinkanlah
aku kembali padamu
meski mungkin takkan sempurna
aku sebagai hambamu

ampunkanlah aku
terimalah taubatku
sesungguhnya engkau
sang maha pengampun dosa

berilkanlah aku
kesempaatn waktu
aku ingin kembali

dan meski aku tak layak
sujud padamu
dan sungguh tak layak

powered by lirik lagu indonesia

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"....if u lOve sOme1, set them freE..if they cOme back, they're yOurs..if they dOn't, they never weRe...."=)