Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Problems are everywhere, either in front or behind and even besides you. They are everywhere… A lot..yes a lot. ”uncountable”. Sometimes it is good to have a problem where you can solve it by your own..At least your brain is working to think about the way to overcome it.. Some people says that you’ll learn something from problems that occurred..But how much do you learn from them??..~depends~...

Problem and trouble are best friend + partners + couple + twin+ lovers..and bla..bla..bla.. they can be friend and they can either be foe to someone (that’s what lenka said)…their big enemy is ideas + solutions + answer + method and so on…but if they were to be joint together>> they’l l be a good teammate that give colours to one’s life..isn’t it?

Problems are like puzzles. You have to be critical to read the cues of the hidden meaning to find the answers of all the uncertain that bewildering you. For those who are brilliant but stupid they will cheat, use tactics and play dirty to get out of the problems yet, for people who are smart and honest, effort and skill is their strategy to win over the problems. Whoaah so skema kan??

Problem is a question and the question troubles you..Commonly happen in exam hall, where questions get the forehead crease..haha..No lah~ maybe it is kind of something where you would pull your hairs off the head..then it is call P.R.O.B.L.E.M…

makes u stuck and helpless.. arrrgghhh I really hate that feeling where I have to rely on someone to figure out the problem that caused by me..So embarrassing right?? Some people doesn’t realize that they are actually problem maker + problematic..

MoRaL of the story…we live in a circle of problems and the only way to get urself out from it is by using our brain that slowly rusting since we rarely use it..don’t be afraid to face the problem..stare at their eyes with brave  seduce them till they turn melt..hahahaha

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