Thursday, April 22, 2010

TM is blessed with flags.

Flags are coloring Tanjong Malim at the moment..all corners and road side received attentions from everyone who passes through it..including me (",)..What I see now is a big battle between Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) VS Barisan Nasional (BN)..



These photos are taken from google

The election is organized due to the death of Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad (member of parliament from PKR) last 25th March. As for BN this is the right time for them to win over Ulu Selangor back since it has been taken away by PKR..So many policies have been draw out by both parties intentionally to captivate the voters. It seems that BN is using the PM's poster to attract the folks and it so happen that the PM's posters dominantly filling the roadside than the candidate himself. While PKR is cheering up the way side with banners showing the founder of PKR and their flags.

Issues also have been raised up to portray each party's weaknesses..bombarding the opponent with the mistake done along their ruling session. Newspapers, flyers and brochures are spread for free to disperse widely their thoughts, hope and policies that is promised to be implemented if they are chosen as the leader of Ulu selangor. All of these are only strategies played by both parties..

I'm not originally from Ulu Selangor and have no right to contribute my vote here.But i feel happy to witness the situation that rarely happen..So i would love to share some of the scenery before the election day..

BEFORE 25th APRIL 2010 
 When blue and blue sit side by side

A bit of green made the view even colorful.

I dare myself to snap this picture which is placed in front of the PKR central point..~ I was so so so and so embarrassed~

I wish that they will not find out that i'm riding my bike illegally since my roadtax is already expired...jeng..jeng..jeng

PKR seems to conquer the road side with their banners...

All the way to Pekan Tanjung Malim

 Guess who will they vote for?
then the Pak cik will say ~UNDI ITU RAHSIA~



thebuszes said...

how come the vote become rahsia when terang2 pakcik tu pakai kopiah putih...hehehee....

cik zatil said...

setuju.. setuju.. undi
itu adalah rahsia..


jat said...

haha. syirah.. never judge a book by its cover, remember? undian anda adalah rahsia.. heheee **peace**

mahanum.. hurry up renew yr road tax or else i report.. rumah anda berhampiran itu balai pulis haa jgn lupa.. ki3

cool2bhaneem said...

Thebuszes: cannot generalize pple easily la..doesn't mean when they wear kopiah they will vote 'that particular' party only...who knows they are the hardcore uf "the scale" party..haha

cool2bhaneem said...

Zatil: enti da mngundi lom..umo enti da ckup da..tggu la 2012 nnti..Undi skang da x rahsia lg..rahsia kite kat ujung jari je..ooppss sorry statement x disengajakan..

cool2bhaneem said...

Zati: jat..renew kne gne duit..polis trafic tu xpe la..kerajaan yg renew roadtax..duit da abis..hahaha tp slamat je so far da satu sem da..hahaha