Monday, April 12, 2010

Blinking smile..Hao yeahhh!!!

I just realized that all my posted issues are about problems… I don’t think that it can attract people to my blog and it is not a surprise why there is no one who’s willing to stop by and have a glace to I’m doing another wasting job, which is to write something cheerful though I know at the end of the day I’m the only person who will read it..ok bla..bla..bla..{{{(>O<)}}} atchoo..Yarhamkillah…

ok this is how do i look when i smile..i look funny right??.yup i'm wearing has been one year wearing this appliances...i felt awkward the first time the Dr put it on my teeth..i can't move my lips well and it bothers me when i'm talking.. The first color of my braces was blue and i hate it..the color was too bright and i'm really ashamed to talk..It so happened when at the same time the H1N1 (SWINE FLU) was attacking the country..then people tend to use mask for their outdoor activities..I took the chance by wearing the mask and at the same time to cover myself from being noticed by the classmates..For sure it couldn't last long..i cannot hide myself.. i tried to response to my lecturer yet she could't hear me clearly..i sounded weird when i talk..seems like i'm gurgling water in my, my lecturer asked me to open the mask coz she thought that the mask interfered me..hehe then, when i took it off and talked..the whole classmates turning their sight at me as if i'm an alien fallen from another planeti dont know what they were thinking of..the fact is it was shameful day for

Not only that, my youngest sister also called me Robocop and transformer 'whatever'..All kids will be staring at me whenever i try to get close to them..the worst part is when some of them called me hantu.. I just ignore them though i'm really mad at the way they called me..let them be, just assume that kids dont know anything...Anyhow now, i kinda like this braces and it has became part of me..i feel comfortable with myself and i think i look cute wearing is new experience that not all will get the chance to wear i'm still under the treatment and have another one yaer to go to get my teeth structure get in stable order..till then..tata~~

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