Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bzzzzzy day...

i'm not ready to be an adult..do jobs that aren't supposed to do by kids..They have to take care of so many things~~paying bills, taxes, sending car to workshop for car service, buying goods and households stuff, works, and deal with so many responsibilities tht i coudn't list em out..sighh~~

It's was such a tiring day where i have to settle few works while i'm having my study break..i began my task as early as 6.30 am:

~ First, sent my sister to school..
~ at 7.30 am took my breakfast then drove to Batu Pahat
~ Reach the immigration office to settle my passport
~ then bank in some money to my account,
~ went to another bank to withraw the money,
~ next went for my teeth appointment and lastly,
~ met the insurance agent to pay car road-tax.pheww

I was hoping that everything cud be resolved online..easy + paperless, need not to queue up long for our turn and most importantly > save time...

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