Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camni baru BESSSSST!!!


senyum ckit 'chatter box'...^_____^...wanna share my happiness with the world...

Perhaps u'd feel curious or maybe less than inch of interest to know or....(maybe you don't bother to know at all)
why suddenly i'm so happy till I dig back my dusty 'chatter box' today. Actually i just got my brand new KEYBOARD...yahaahahaha
After almost a decade typing with my malfunction letter "E" laptop keyboard..finally i decided to buy new one which supposedly i should have decided to buy it earlier. Maybe for you this post means nothing, unlike me, who's life is used to procrastination, it means a's like an achievement where you finally made up ur mind to take serious action of something you'd been delaying for quite some times....huahuahua
Matter of fact, along the period of using the 'old keyboard' i started to realize how one paralyzed letter may affect others..I couldn't form a proper word without "E" the word everything becomes "vrything", smile becomes "smil" it's not an abbreviation or 'net language that cyber people are bragged about to use it among feels like stress when something that you really wanna tell your friend could not be delivered completely..i feel like people will laugh at me when looking at my post where in their mind they might think how stupid this girl is."doesn't she know how to spell".where the fact is my letter "E" is not working..

Out of this silly problem I dind't post any entry in my blog for almost 3 month and left it rust in piece within that period....hehe..till then..need to find some fresh idea on what to write in my blog..

Hey i just realized that few entries that i posted before mostly revolves around my feelings..uuurrrgghhh out of the objective of creating this blog.

k lah penat da nk taip lg..lapo la plak..bye3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello writing...............................

It has been super loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time I have stopped wrinting since the last entry..woww~

I've no idea where did I place my courage to write. There are so many things and events that happened to me lately and I supposed it should urge me to contribute lot of entries in my blog..yet ~NONE~ nothing has came in since my laziness has gone over me.

And now I feel awkward to type plus, it seems so hard for me to generate ideas...heyyyyyy where are you???

something had paused me and i dont blame anyone except me for letting my brain go rust....

June 6

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can't read even one word

This is how the page looks like before I could sign in into my blog account..I was like an illeterate person trying so hard to read. Luckily I know that the two spaces are for email address and password..Now I can blog..hihi

Friday, January 21, 2011

All I want is U...

All i want is LUCK...but so tired of waiting and expecting for you...hey LUCK!!! do you wanna play a game??
come, let chase after me!!!..don't forget to ask miracle to join you too..(how about that?)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Mak, Bang Mie, Madir and Cikin....
Happy Birthday to all of you..

13th January 2011

I dedicate this to my beloved mom..Supposedly it should be posted on the last 13th January 2011 but I couldn't make it since I want to produce the best out of my idea as your present..I hope you are in peace and fine there..May Allah accept all your good deeds..Mom I know you can't read this yet this is all I can do to show my love for you...Happy Birthday Mak...

Today is so bright,
I'm so happy to view the sunlight,
It is so wonderful 
and the beauty caught my sight,
The sky is blue and the birds fly high,
As I turn my head to the left and right,
I couldn't see you,
And I suddenly cried...

You said Life is going to be tough,
That is why you thought me to be rough,
But what I learned from you is still not enough,
I realized I need to experience life by myself.

When I was small you lead my way,
You taught me to fight and put the problem away
I manage the game of life and continue to play
Because of your words I still stand and I can stay...

You once slapped me and said I was wrong,
I couldn't accept and it is you I put the blame on,
I'm sorry for I am too young,
But now I understand,
Your act trained me to be strong.

I'm so hurt that I couldn't reach you,
I want to tell you all the colours that paint my life through,
what's the yellow and what's the blue,
So you can cry and laugh with me too,

The path is too dark, the wind is too cold
I couldn't bear to walk and face it alone,
The future is so fierce that I need your hand to hold,
Yet the fate ask me to handle it on my own.

Your voice is keep calling me,
I look around but I still couldn't see,
I wander around to see where could you be,
With million hopes you would stand next to me.
There's something  between us,
 I wonder what it was...
Oh, I realized that you are no longer exist.

I don't prepare to let you go,
But God decided to love you more,
The pain I've gone through has made myself sore,
Buried deep in my heart your love and your soul.

I love U
and I know you love me too
Please take care of abah
May Allah bless both of you...

                                                              -Haneem Hasnan-
~Allah loves them more than I do~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My o my...i'm sorry to say that "you are very annoying!!"

I'm sorry coz I know that I shouldn't have posted this but your act really irks me..

Actually I just received an offline message from an unknown friend in YM (Yahoo Messenger) whose suddenly out of nowhere thrown me with kind of irksome message as if I had blackmailed him..Yeah I supposed it's a HIM..Apparently I don't know who he is coz some people tend to use nickname as their code/ identity in YM list. I do admit that sometimes I sent message even to those whom I didn't know..but, I swear I never posted them with any nonsense or bunk message which could hurt directly (I don't know if it does indirectly) and as far as I'm concerned, I am not a YM person and only use it when I want to transfer files or chatting with my in-the-know friend.

(Here's the climax of the story that really burst me out)..So I try to find out what was the message I'd sent to him that has turned his mood so I tried to recall what have I sent lately..So it suddenly appeared to me that I only sent a new year wishing message to everyone and previously the islamic new year message to my friends in YM (is that wrong???) I wonder why was he so mad (I'm not pretty sure whether he's mad or what) coz I couldn't tell someone's intonation in text..But I took it as mad..uuurrggghhh

The message is more or less sounds like this;

Me: "Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 SEMUA"

Him: "Salam awak ni sape? asik hantar msg kat handphone saya!! bla..bla.bla"

..and I didn't reply him..

(This is not the actual message he sent me. I choose not to put the real one here coz I'll be dead meat if he finds out this blog)

Perhaps the message reached his inbox since he mentioned about Handphone.

By the the time I read it, I could only beristighfar banyak2..Astaghfirullahalazim..

So sorry der!!..Never ever crossed in my mind to bother, flirt and so on (bad intention) to any of my friends. And one thing for sure I know exactly whom I added as my friends in YM and it seems that I don't know your nickname and i'm 100% sure (no doubt at all) that you are the one who added me first in your list.gggrrrrrrrrr

Ok, changing mood.

I just mad at him just after I got his offline message and after that  I'm okay  where I know myself in a right side..I didn't do anything wrong.. I just felt terribly sad that he misunderstood me (my text).. Ironically I pointed my message to everyone and until now I don't get his intention of saying those words to me (As if I only message him in purpose to get close to him..DER I don't even know you at all masalahnyer). For Mr. 'I don't know' I don't think it's a good way to ask for clarification..Let me clarify with you my intention was to wish everyone Happy New Year..get it??? and one thing that I really want you to know is "I'm still your friend whether you know me or not"

Here's a good words for you to ponder on..

1) "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold"
2) "Make new friends, both young and old, one in Silver, the other Gold."
3) "Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and others are Gold"
4}"I have a hand, and you have another; put them together and we have each other."

"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen."
- (sent by Steve Klaka) 

***Do you know how I know it is HIM? coz he is now online and his shout out is "I'm waiting for my GF to call me" obviously he's a man.. ekekeke

The very first trip on 2011

Its already the second week of 2011..time flies fast isn't it...Well i'm still in holiday and this long days of devoting myself from rest has made me so deadening. And so since yesterday was announced as 'Hari Hol' for our former Sultan Johor the state declared one day holiday. I didn't plan to go out for me myself I would just prefer to stay in the room and do something that can fill my day~anything. (reading blogs most of the time). So my brother came out with the idea to go to Melaka, since the last year end school holiday he didn't go anywhere. I just say yes to him coz I would feel guilt my whole life if I turn him down for this simple vacation..Well since we stay in Muar which is just about an hour to Melaka, I think it's just a simple matter to drive there..and I say "ok", I could't believe my answer has really cheered him up and he went on planning where to go and what to bring, eat etc..etc

Actually i'm still not in the mood for vacation but it happened that my elder brother called saying that he'll be back on monday..he took extra leave till Tuesday I just straightaway told him about the plan..Positively he say yes to that..I jump high happily coz I knew that I don't have to be the driver.haha..yes!yes! I was so excited more than my brother did..wahaha it's time to go out from the cave, release myself from the cage and go travel without worrying about driving stress. (I just hate driving by my own lately).~

The night before my brother had offered us  food-shopping-treat ( I mean he had allocated some budget ) to buy food for our trip..He brought us the the market nearby and asked us to pick anything that we wanted to bring along the next day(something to munch in the car basically) and some foodstuffs like chicken and vegetables..Well he's a kind of person who would not prefer to eat outside and rather choose to bring home-made food whenever we travel out.. And i'm the one who'll need to leave the pillow at the crack of dawn to cook (I don't mind as long as i'm away of the steering)

At about 10.00 a.m we started the journey and more or less than 1 hour we already reached Air Keroh..Since we've been to Melaka quite few times so we were out of idea where to go..And so my brother decided to have a sightseeing at Taman Mini Malaysia. The last time I went there was when I was 11 years old so I just fine with it. I may have been to Melaka for few times but not visiting their tourism places~ and Taman Mini Malaysia would just perfect to go since i love looking at unique architectural building sometimes.

At the entrance..It seems that we are dominating the picture rather than to show the entrance itself. 
Just wanna show you how does the entrance looks like especially for those who never step their feet on Taman Mini Malaysia

Taman Mini Malaysia is definitely known by most Malaysian perhaps there are some who are still in the puzzle where on earth this place is located. For those who don't really know about this place I think this entry would help you a bit. Generally Taman Mini Malaysia is a cultural park where the replica of traditional houses from each state in Malaysia is put together. Each house has its own name and architectural identity which brings different from one to another. 13 different houses representing each state was rebuilt here together with its furnish, arts and craft depicting the identity. It also placed the traditional houses of Asian countries like Filipina, Thailand, Indonesia and etc.

The place that I like most when visiting the houses was the kitchen. They displayed the old kitchen’s tool used by the former generation to prepare their food. Most of the tools were no longer used in the modern kitchen anymore. When I entered that segment of the house I just couldn’t help to think of my childhood time when I was so into “main pondok-pondok” (a game where little girl loves to play with the kitchen set toys). I didn’t want to miss the chance to snap pictures while playing with the tools; acting as if I was cooking in real. Yeayyyhhh!!

As you entered the park, you’ll see a performing stage on your left side. There will be dancing, acting and pantomime depicting the culture and tradition of Malaysia. By the time we reached there, the performance was already started and my family and I took our seats to watch. The dancers were all very talented and I enjoyed the performance very much. I remembered there was one tourist from China (from his looks la I guess he' s Chinese) he laughed and clapped while watching  though he seems quite not understand the language used by the performers. I just assumed that he was quite astonished by the message and colourful costumes shown in the dance (just my anticipation). Plus one of the dance was like portraying the chinese culture maybe that was what had attracted him most.

The smile gradually faded away as we entered the Asian houses area..I'm so sad that some of the houses were not taking in a good care..Some are not even allowed to be entered due to the safety itself. The stairs of 'rumah panjang' were decayed and almost collapse. The Filipino house was like a haunted mention with the dried leaves scattered all over the floor and old portrait of Mr. "I don't know" was not properly hung on the wall. The eerie surrounding drawn us goosebumps so we just leave the house hopping there's nothing following us..shhhhhh

The next place we went was to see the replica of Portuguese warship called Flor De Mar which located at Sungai Melaka..Well the ticket is worth to buy coz you can go to two places (together with muzium Tentera  Laut Di Raja Malaysia) with just on ticket..rm3 only maa..too tired of typing anymore enjoy the pictures ok.

Here are some of the pictures I would love to share out of 1xx of them..

 We were so excited to get in but, sadly it was closed coz it's not safe for the visitor. The pillar might collapse at any times.

I've tested the hanging-bridge by bounding to the middle and i'm safe.hehehe..come give a try!!

 That two big mortar hold by my brother and sis-in-law are used to pound 'padi' as a way to process rice from padi grains.

It's more to Javanese concept

 Welcome to Singapore!!
 Their landmark is also here.

 The next performance..=)

 Singapore bungalow
Ibu and Nani

Rumah Johore

Just visited Davy Johnes and his crew in his Black Pearl..haha

The next instrumentalist...hoho amik gamba je bole is not my field anyway.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What can make you impress??

 I have no idea what this picture has to do with my entry. Just interpret it on your own..ngee=)

What takes you away to make you feel impress on something? arts, unique architectural building, magic, tricks, nature, cars, gadgets, shopping/ sale, pretty woman and what not..well those may give kind of vivid impression and I supposed only you have the idea of what can really attract you most..At the moment (well it may not be permanent I guess) I am so attracted with words..Lately reading really brought an enjoyment to my so-called boring day. I read articles, novels, papers anything mostly in English.. WHY is not because i'm westernize or I would want to brag about..Language is not the point to blame at the moment~ I choose English because I believe I could improve my language whilst gaining new vocab..I realized that my English is incredibly bad ..when I say bad It's really bad..believe can even spot grammar error all over the place..

Just put the issues of bad English skill that I have aside..just let me handle it my own..=)


The passionate love for the reading started when I did some blowalking..I just randomly click on other's blog and finally stumble on one which appears to be appealing on my eyes..Surely hers was very colourful and attractive..Despite of her creativity of beautifying her blog, I was fond of her ideas of putting every word in line. Her writing was simple but beautiful enough to make my eyes glued on her site...Her blog was basically tell the tales of her journey to few countries that she went around..Started from her migration from Indonesia to Egypt as to follow her father who were running his own business on tourism, her family and her decided to settle down in Egypt and that moment had became her starting point to wander around few countries which I myself put a dream on to go (On fine day perhaps..when money turns not to be a big problem for me)..Talking about travelling, I just remembered reading from an article where there was a man who sell everything he own and use the money he had to achieve his mission to travel around the world in one year..Impressively he did it and recorded everything he experienced in his blog..(I would think twice or even more to sell off my properties to achieve that kind of dream..I would use the money for other purpose..well actually I have nothing to mortgage..haha)

After knowing about her blog, I cant resist not to read it whenever I had the chance to go online...I'm cursed..I'll read over and over again, embrace myself to every words tough she wrote quite a long entry..She had described everything in detail which magically has turned my views of how great to have the experience to see the world outside of my own ..Reading hers was like letting myself to travel along (Good enough to a person who has no money like me..reading can make you travel as well..heehe)..hmm that is the magical of words..can you imagine? No till you experience it yourself~ naaah go do some reading!!

Besides her blog, there were few other blogs which I found grabbing my attention (Sorry its not that I dont wanna share their site..Im not doing advertising job here..just wanna share why I like to read certain blogs/ anything related to reading material as well..To show my respect to the particular writers I choose not to display the url..) She also wrote about traveling and foods.. I used to get affected by food-hunting documentaries broadcast on television but reading hers was like i'm tasting the food as well..Her writing turns me hungry as she described the feeling and taste in accurate great she is to be able to make me hungry just by words..  

When I mentioned about blogwalking of course I had encountered numbers of exciting blogs. Those which I described above was just two of them..Most of the blogs that I went through was great and super creative..bloggers were scratching their head to bleed to amuse readers to visit their site..The power of words are capable to bait readers curiosity to know more and somewhat to entertain them..that's why I said words can impress me..well the cyber-world nowadays has taken over the shaman's job to put spells on people..hhehe

Moral Value = Do blog-running instead of just reading..u'll learn faster..ngeeee

Bye2 everyone..have a good and tight sleep..dear "sleeping beauty"...they wouldn't call sleeping beauty for nothing coz sufficient sleep really helps you to get fresh and beautiful looks..

 I wish everyone around me were artist where they could see the beauty of me..hehe

moxx 1.38 a.m

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New window of 2011....01/01/11

Hi guys..first and foremost I would like to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2011.

I just did some blogwalking and new year wishing awash most of the spirits and new resolutions were listed..some chose to stick for the previous unsettled plan and some prefer to look ahead for the new aims and determination...but most are trying to motivate and revive their spirit plus some advice to others..

Definitely new year means adding another a year advance to our other words we are getting older what have u planned in head?As for me I never set any aim b4..Just encounter the year with challenges that come..but this year I intended to do something different..Perhaps sit and wait for the challenges to come and happen by any means might not give any impact on me..I need to have some changes on my set the challenges of my own and get myself through it..

What are they??ahuksssss just about to generate ideas..

  • I wanna be better muslim and contribute something for my religion..maybe through writing..I'm working on it and please help me with your pray guys.
  • SERVICE my Iman and amal
  • Widen my knowledge..further studies..ehemm
  • Produce something that can generate money..hohoho still in plan=)
  • Contributing more entries to cheer my blog..
  • Looking for material that can contribute information to readers rather than revealing a lot about myself and my feeling.
  • Preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically coz i'm gonna to step ahead to a new sphere of life..InshaALlah i'm gona finish my 4 years study..grab my degree and enroll myself to one of the institutions in this country (which i've no idea where) as an educator.
  • Working..working...working get a new life and love and hope it must be better than the previous year which I just left yesterday.
  • Get more friends and invite new someone into my life.hehhehehe..
  • Turn me from XXXXXL to S size..muahahaha
  • Set a new milestone of 2011..
WOOOWwwww the list just take me by storm..Will I be able to do all that..let the time prove it..Anyhow.plan will stay as a plan without effort which I really need to make it happens...naaah cannot be too sceptical to myself..It's not something impossible to achieve kan..

Well those are the tings that I wanna do this year but, how about the things that I wanna get myself away of..

  • Train myself not to be used with procrastination.
  • Muster the courage and effort to end what have I started.
  • Let myself out of boredom and and strip off the veil which brought gloominess to my life..
  • Get away of the idea that "I'm nobody and there's nothing special about me"..That thought has been haunting my life for years.
  • Money problem..need to tighten my belt for a big event this year..If u are generous do give me some..hua99x 
  • Clean myself from debt. Don't know how to express my hatred toward that word.
Here's my pledge:

As 2011 has opened its window me M******M BT. H*****N will stay true and stand still to my resolution and I promise to myself that I will not play around instead of working hard to accomplish my goal. I'll assure myself to double my effort to seek my fortune this year..ohoksss..aduii x bley bla..ciap ngn pledge...

Ok guys..enough with mission, vission aims and so on..GOOD LUCK..wish u'll gain everything that you want this year..let us work on it guys...stay cool..bye2..c u in the next entry..