Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camni baru BESSSSST!!!


senyum ckit 'chatter box'...^_____^...wanna share my happiness with the world...

Perhaps u'd feel curious or maybe less than inch of interest to know or....(maybe you don't bother to know at all)
why suddenly i'm so happy till I dig back my dusty 'chatter box' today. Actually i just got my brand new KEYBOARD...yahaahahaha
After almost a decade typing with my malfunction letter "E" laptop keyboard..finally i decided to buy new one which supposedly i should have decided to buy it earlier. Maybe for you this post means nothing, unlike me, who's life is used to procrastination, it means a's like an achievement where you finally made up ur mind to take serious action of something you'd been delaying for quite some times....huahuahua
Matter of fact, along the period of using the 'old keyboard' i started to realize how one paralyzed letter may affect others..I couldn't form a proper word without "E" the word everything becomes "vrything", smile becomes "smil" it's not an abbreviation or 'net language that cyber people are bragged about to use it among feels like stress when something that you really wanna tell your friend could not be delivered completely..i feel like people will laugh at me when looking at my post where in their mind they might think how stupid this girl is."doesn't she know how to spell".where the fact is my letter "E" is not working..

Out of this silly problem I dind't post any entry in my blog for almost 3 month and left it rust in piece within that period....hehe..till then..need to find some fresh idea on what to write in my blog..

Hey i just realized that few entries that i posted before mostly revolves around my feelings..uuurrrgghhh out of the objective of creating this blog.

k lah penat da nk taip lg..lapo la plak..bye3

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