Friday, December 10, 2010

Do not manipulating YES word..

Today no beautiful introduction or flowering words..Straight to the point I just want to say..."Can't you say it direct to the face..

YES or NO" is that hard for you!!!...(exaggerating the mood)..

Well sometimes I believe there are people who just cannot simply say those three/two letter word Y.E.S or N.O..unless it is just open ended question "Have you eaten??"..yessssss or noooooooooo..Giving  you a situation like this...

Ok "A" is a super duper best friend of "B"...which is unquestionably loyal and trustworthy..No matter how hard the situation is "A" will always stand by "B"..Offering his hand when "B" almost fell, lend his ears to listen to every size of problem, shed "B's" tears, borrowing his shoulder for "B" to cry on, sharing with "B" his umbrella during rainy day..bla..bla..bla..etc...and so one day "A" asked "B" to accompany him to attend a family ceremony which is quite a big event and very meaningful to "A"..the feeling of owing "A's" kindness has made "B" saying YES to the invitation else "B" actually is having tons of works which is almost on due and facing a very hard time directly say that he actually will not be able to attend it...the day before the ceremony "B" called "A" telling him that "B" couldn't attend to the event providing with such irrelevant excuses..(cheat..beautiful one)..That was really made "A" sad....

The point here is..."B" shouldn't have said YES when he knows that he'll not b eable to take part...and that's what I mean by manipulating the word...though he is your best-est friend u've ever had be frank with him even it can tear your skin (just wanna describe how hurt it is) On the top of that more problem will occur, more lies will be created and even hearts will put the strength to say Yes on the right time in a right way..say it when you know you can or you not play around the bush yet at the end will make you suffer...

But, on the other way round there are people who take the yes word as his own when the other person do not claim any yes at all...example..."We will go together to the **whatever place" without even once asking do you free on this particular day? first...and that moment the NO word is so powerful...

see ya in the next entry mmmuaahhh 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Somestime it's not easy to get things tht u've always planned to have~face it!!

If I were to have my own wishlist which surely be granted, it will be as thick as yellow pages or even thicker...I believe it is a normal feeling that every human created in this world have or perhaps I might say that it's part of human characters where we always have 'I wish I could have' word in ourselves.Ok now I sound like i'm giving a lecture here..ha3~WELL a good story starts with a good introduction right...I'm sure the tittle of my entry has given you a clear picture of what i'm trying to say..or still u want me to explain in detail..hmmm...ok i'll give you an analogy...You're dying to get Faber Castle True Gel pen and ask your father to buy you one but sadly when he came back he just bought you Ah Heng tragic isn't it?well that is actually what i'm trying to say...u expected something happen in ur life which is according to what u've planned and so it turn out to be something else u never imagine or expected which turn u down (=,=")...

I guess everyone is clear with that...Lately I bumped into something which I really couldn't tell's a 'sshhhh' so i'm just gonna describe it as "A"...It was sort of feeling I really want "A" to be mine...I pray to God wishing that I could own "A" one fine day..but as I really couldn't bear waiting, everyday that past seems too long and I push myself hard to keep praying..I've no other way to get it besides is not simply just giving a call and get it serves within 30 minutes like ordering pizza or cracking your piggy bank just to buy an ice-cream...This "A" is so much different from what I ever wanted..I know "A" but I never met "A" yet I want "A"...whuuuiiissshhhh what an explanation~Within that, so many things started to cross my mind..What if I couldn't get "A"? What if "A" is fated not to be mine? What if "A" is just a distraction of my life??............

Is "A" so meaningful in my life?? the answer is "I'm not sure" but why I keep forcing myself to it...well since i'm on semester break I don't mind loading myself with such questions..uhuks...ok back to the "A" issues...So as the questions and eagerness keep playing around me I try to tell myself not to get into it too much then, I try to make myself busy...Tell u, there was one day when I surf the internet looking on articles which I can read and spend my time on..As I dabbled the mouse on some issues on the screen coincidentally, I clicked on one article which  seems to give answers to my questions..well I just like the ending part of the articles where it says 'Only He knows what's the best for you...Have faith in Him..pray and ask for his help..take heed'..sort of like that...well yeeahhh this is it...take a heed..keep praying He loves to listen to your pray..He'll grant u when He knows that you are ready to have it..(motivating myself) I tell myself..It doesn't matter if I just got "B" which is mostly like "A" coz Allah knows that i'm not eligible to get "A" and perhaps "B" is actually better than "A" what I mean here is do not simply give up of what has been fated to hard to get what you want but don't ever grumble if at the end it still not grateful with it......face it....accept it.....appreciate it.........

Monday, December 6, 2010

Opick - Taubat

wahai tuhan jauh sudah
lelah kaki melangkah
aku hilang tanpa arah
rindu hati sinarmu

wahai tuhan aku lemah
hilang terumur noda
hapuskanlah terangilah
jiwa di hitam jalanku

ampunkanlah aku
terimalah taubatku
sesungguhnya engkau
sang maha pengampun dosa

Ya robbi, ijinkanlah
aku kembali padamu
meski mungkin takkan sempurna
aku sebagai hambamu

ampunkanlah aku
terimalah taubatku
sesungguhnya engkau
sang maha pengampun dosa

berilkanlah aku
kesempaatn waktu
aku ingin kembali

dan meski aku tak layak
sujud padamu
dan sungguh tak layak

powered by lirik lagu indonesia

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"....if u lOve sOme1, set them freE..if they cOme back, they're yOurs..if they dOn't, they never weRe...."=)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ya Allah..I beg ur generosity

Please protect my heart and soul from sins..

Keep this feeling fertile...

Keep it expand and grow...

My pray that it'll be my future...

Every now and then I love the way it occur...

This spark is so wonderful which i could never utter the beauties...

it is a miracle..

God..I beg You...

Give it all to me...

For I am so greedy...

Wanting more of your bounty and love...

I wish it could be real...

The question which demands for answer

Impossible but it possible..

Only you Allah can make it happen...INSYAALLAH...

Tawakkaltu a'laAllah...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Only if could tell to the whole world how i miss my mak and abah damn sooo much...lately i've gone through such a hard time in my life and i don't realize that i've been very sensitive to every events that I encountered..even just a minor thing would burst my tears out..I need them by my side though I knew it would be IMPOSSIBLE (Ya Allah please accept their good deeds and place them with good companion who devotes You)..

I know that everything that happens to me is a test from HIM.. and I'm selected coz He know how far i can go with it..yet at the same time i could feel that i'm not..i failed to perform my very best...easily despair of my own principals...

Actually i'm going to face out a new life of my that is soo alien to me..I'm all alone and i'm really lost at the moment..I know that I think too much to prepare myself before i'm making the step..Im that type of person (foresee things which I would never know in the future frm my own perspective)~ Imagining and planning my own life so I would not live that hard onwards...but the more I think the dizzy I get...I've no idea whether i can go through all the challenges by my own..

I need someone..but who is that someone???? Someone who can listen to me whenever I'm in need...someone who can motivate me every time i'm down..someone who can sooth me with words of wisdom..someone who is very understanding..someone who can show me the right path...someone who is more matured than me..someone who can cool me down..someone who can cheer me up...someone who can lend the shoulder if I cried...someone who can shed my tears..someone who can make me smile when i'm in sad...someone who can take a good care of me...someone who is too ideal in my heart...

Where is that someone??who can take over my parent's place...but I feel grateful I still have HIM (ALLAH)...who has never leave me alone...always and always there for me...He listen to me well...and I feel safe....but Allah..I can't help my self of feeling sad..coz i'm a human..normal human that u've created with such feelings...please record my pray and grant my wish..amin Ya Rabbalalamin...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last minute..............................dangggggggg!!!!!!

 I got pile of works to be completed in 3 days..finishing two chapters of my paper work + quite a THICK file of portfolio + In house Seminar + Power point slides + unplanned/ additional task on manual book for material development and what else????

Eat your heart out my dear..dussssssssssssssssshhhhhhh~~this is what you deserve to get after few weeks of heaven..sort of punishment I bet..

God what a hectic week I need to face..please have mercy on I need miracle to happen...

Me monologue:

Me 1: Still~ you have time for new entry..hey step on the ground please!!! have no're a dead meat fella...

Me 2: This is how I ease my tense..better write then never instead of better late then never..haha

Me 1: aaaaaaaarggggghhhh now everything gets haywire..i'm talking to myself and answer it my own.....symptom of stress???

Me 2: Maybe..

Me 1: aaaaaaarrggghhh it happens again.......Stop talking nonsence please..will you

Me 2: You wanna know how??

Me 1: Yeahh tell me..howwwwwwwwww?????

Me 2: Easy...shut your blog off...

.....................................................................................................................................The End

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I share because I care...

I got this from a book which I still haven't finish reading..Each page will need you to read it twice or maybe more cause you really need to understand the whole idea of the intended meaning..
Basically, t is a very interesting book that I would suggest you to read and digest..every single lines convey wonderful meaning..I got this from a bookstore in front of my campus..It just cost me RM10 but it worth me more than hope this will benefit the readers and even me myself...

by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

In the name of Allah
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Glory to Allah most High, Full of Grace and mercy;
He created all including Man.
To man He gave a special place in His creation.
He honoured man to be His Agent, 
And to that end, endued him with understanding,
Purified his affections, and gave him spiritual insight;
So that man should understand Nature,
Understand himself,
And know Allah through His wondrous Signs,
And glorify Him in Truth, reverence and unity.

2. For the fulfillment of this great trust
Man was further given a Will,
So this act should reflect Allah's universal Will and Law,
And his mind, freely choosing,
Should experience the sublime joy
of being in harmony with the infinite,
And with the great drama of the world around him,
and with his own spiritual growth.

3. But created though he was in the best of moulds,
Men fell from Unity when his will as warped,
And he chose the crooked path of Discord.
And sorrow and pain, selfishness and degradation,
Ignorance and hatred, despair and unbelief
Poisoned his life, and he saw shapes of evil
In the physical, moral and spiritual world,
And in himself.

Sit down and ponder on life

I bet that people can't stop to think about their future...we keep planning what will we do??How are we going to set up life??what kind of person that we are going to be?? to whom we're going to spend our life with??how to generate money to cover up our life expense and so on..(it will be an endless discussion i guess)

Well sometimes we are too ambitious to achieve all..i'm not saying it is not good..even me myself cannot rid from this situation..but on the other side i keep asking myself what have I done in facing life?? taking long time to get the I concluded "Nothing".........hmmm

I didn't plan to say much in this entry..I just wanna share about a song which I bumped into last month..The lyric strucks me on the chord and I feel you would feel the same too..

So let us look what does Aizat trying to say in his song..."Years From Now"..enjoy~~~

aizat years from now (just click here u'll be directed to youtube)


What will I be years from now
What will I wear how will I look
I think too much I think too much

(Verse 1)
Sometimes its scary over thinking
What you have or haven't done
You think too much you think too much

(Verse 2)
Will the rain smell the same
Will our loosing trentrous game
And the star much shine
The color seems so blurry

Will l endup all alone
Without a shoulder to cry on

What will I be years from now
I have answered them but none have answered me
And when my time has come
I hope my last seconds in this life will have you
Will have you...

(Verse 3)
Will the rain smell the same
Will our loosing trentrous game
And neglect most people views
Seems so worthy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank You sooooo Much dear friends

Last Saturday was happened to be my birthday..9th October 2010 
Yay!! Happy Birthday to me..the best thing is on that same day my classmates and I were having our annual dinner "TESL NIGHT 10" at Brisdale Hotel. 
Actually I shared my "B" day with Anis...Happy Birthday Anissss=) mmmuaaahhh

 Brisdale Hotel at chow kit road

Y did u shut ur eyes dear (-_-)

I don't expect to have such a surprise birthday party...

 Mak aiihhh kerasnyer kek nih..

 see there 9th October 2010.v(^_^)v

I stayed up late the night before the dinner...burning the night oil to finish up works (see up there it was self-made u know) together with my classmates at the compound area next to KHAR..we were there till 1.20 a.m and so sad there's nobody wishing me for my birthday....fine~maybe they forgot cause there's so many works to be done...=(

By 2.00 a.m we reached home..i just rushed into the bedroom to get my laptop on..and the first thing to be look at is my FB..well reading all the wishes posted by friends through Fb do carve a smile on my face..=)


And so the next day we departed to the Hotel at around 10.30 a.m...and blaaaa bla bla.
So it came the night that we were all waiting for...

 done with our work!!suddenly we saw a trolley..
hehe Aisyah get in..vrooooommmm3

In the middle of the function right after Punithan had perform his dance I saw two guys brought up the table to the stage and I thought it's going to be used by punit in his second performance..Suddenly, somebody turned the light off and they played a movie..I kinda shock that the movie was dedicated to me and Anis..That was so nice to see birthday wishes from Rowena, Sun, Minjae, Hawoon and Hyung Gyeo...warrrrgggghhhh my tears started to run..I was sooo touch and couldn't explain it by words..THANKS're the best..

stunning performance by punit

can't stop myself from smiling..definitely happy=)

 Grow as one..aja2

 Balloons were all over the table..only Sam with the pump while the rest need to use manual pump.

 These people contribute a lot to the event..thanks guys

Whatever happens family will be the best companion to me..Thank You B.Mie, kak Ida, akak, Nurul, Lila, Ckin, mader, nani and Ibu for the wishes and doa..I hope that God will record all doas forwarded to me..Time Kaceh..Saayannngggg Korang!!!!!
 Love creates a family =)

Ops not to forget my dearest housemates who have been planning and working out this surprise party thanks Zarah, Aisyah, Qis and Syirahhhhhhh (I know that you've done a lot to make this happen and really2 appreciate your effort in working on thee video..may God take your deed in sight)..i'm so lucky to have all of you in my life..wink3

Not included Herman and Lailee ;)
Birthday wish, birthday cake, birthday party and birthday Pr*****
So many things to be spent for birthday..well let see what had i received from my dearest friends.

This was given by zaharah..can't believe that she can
be so romantic at times.

Froggies on leg..thanks syirah

Aisyah are u trying to tell me that my froggy need to reduce weight.. heheee
I like the paper bag most..adorable colour maybe.

i like the color combination...cantek kan!!!

trying to fix two heads in one small goodies bag...

To whom it may concern...I'm so overwhelm by all the birthday wishes posted in my FB..all I can say is Thank you..deep from the bottom of my heart I pray to God that all of you will be blessed by HIM..InsyaAllah..Thank You again..

Friday, October 8, 2010

All I can say is Welcome to Malaysia 'Maher Zain'..SAVE THE SOUL

How would you feel when you just one step closer to it but sadly it's not fated to be is so sad and distressing isn't it??I feel sorry to myself coz it happened to me..wuaaaaaaaaaaaa (tears drop like heavy rain)

I've been waiting for this moment for so long hoping that he would come and perform in Malaysia...yes he is??but it's just not my luck coz I couldn't be able to be at his concert on this 14th and 15th of October 2010..all tickets were sold out and I am one of the fans in Malaysia that is sooooo unlucky to miss the chance to meet him..I bet all the way toMBSA will be having bad congested to receive Maher Zain's fan from all over the states..

Anyhow I wish that everything will run smoothly..Aminnnn Ya Rabbalalamin..

Here are some pictures taken from his site on FB...I'm so envy reading all the comments telling about their present to the concert..

 Maher Zain
I wish I could sit next to him (-_-)

 Receiving his platinum award
Congratulation!!!! all readers who are previously do not know who is Maher Zain, help yourself to download any of his songs from the internet and do listen to his songs..All the lyrics were beautifully written and i believe you'll be falling in love with it..and for those who are already the fan of Maher Zain..keep supporting him and let's buy his original CD..

I'm still collecting money to buy one..InsyaAllah

I really wish that there will be another concert in Malaysia to promote his next album so i can be there to support you.. INSYAALLAH.

 Yes I already suggested your album in my blog..hehe

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a day was today...Yeppie v(^0^)v

Who says that Wednesday is holiday...I said so..haha coz i'm free on this day..and you know what did i do today??

 Previously, I'd posted bout my messed up interview right? It so happened that by 10.30 a.m I managed to finish my short interview heading myself home...well basically the first thing that i did was checking up my FB account. Just got few messages and approving requested friends (performing my daily routine ahaks )..

Actually my housemate and I had planned on visiting our classmate Ain...Last few days she involved in an accident that caused her bad injury..She broke her leg..I feel sorry for her is kind of serious and she had been forwarded to GH Teluk Intan..Well as a friend we feel oblige to pay a visit besides enjoying the beautiful scenery of TI (looking after interesting shops to enter and to invest our money in it)...ehem that is the main agenda actually..

Frankly speaking, I was so impressed by the peacefulness of the hospital..never seen such an empty hospital like that before..hehe...

So the visiting hour is set to be from 4.30 till 7.00 yet we were there about an hour early...walking around the not so-big hospital made us feel slightly throat felt dried so we don't talk much during the sightseeing at the hospital.(0_-)..Naaahhh we saw the right place specially not for a patients like us.."CANTEEN"..just stop by and look for something to eat..~chocolates, waffles, ice-milo, buns, feel like heaven on earth...

4.15 p.m...we couldn't wait more..there so much plan to be done on it's time for acting and we just rush in to block B and faced the guard.."Pak cik kami dr jauh nk melawat kawan..klu lewat sgt takut smpai rumah tengah malam" that was kind of persuading password...changgggg!!!!! password accepted...then we're in...Kacang bah (-_0)

 It was so sad to see Ain on bed...what we could do is to calm herself and told her stories bout our own in hospital..well it was like a story circle..the mission is just to cheer Ain up...and it seems to work..

Then we moved to the town looking for a place where we could keep our money in..GIANT...around 6.30pm we met Kak Nora and went to MC D having our dinner.

Then somebody said.."weihh it 7pm already..cerite Keluarga Bahagia" we rushed out coz we a saw a flat screen television outside.."Dik boley mintak tuka channel 8tv x??" and finally we were sticking ourselves at MC D till 8pm..we cannot miss this episode coz it's about to the end of the story..and so our eyes were glued on the screen.

Hoyeehhh!! we weres so happy we still can find TV to watch Hor Ma v(^_^)v

Luckily we still haven't finished our drink..we are still the customer so nobody can chase us away from our seats.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Messed up interview....

Started off my day with a date..
Yes I went out for a date today, but not the blind one..
I had to set up a meeting with the students out of the school hours since they are now having their holiday during the PMR examination (Good Luck for those who are sitting for your PMR today)..
Actually this is for my project paper that i need to submit in three weeks time and at the moment it just about 65% done..huhu..still way far more to go...
Thanks for my students Siew Loo, Mei Yee, Tira and Azian for scarifying your holiday for me..yeah teacher has no choice but to burden the four of you with such messed up interview questions.

Well, i'm so happy that they are very patience in understanding my questions which sometimes repeating and unclear to them.. i thought interview is simpler than distributing questionnaire, perhaps not...i pity them for struggling so much on it..O God..this is such a mental abuse to those girls.."bad teacher!!!"

The worst part is...i had promised them a present for helping me, unluckily i left the presents at shouldn't be happen laa..ayoo mak are getting older and seems that you are older than your forgetful...But don't worry dear girls..i keep my promise in hand...i'll bring them next Wednesday okay...

Anyway, I just wanna record my thanks to the four of you for being so kind and helpful..May Allah grant you with success onwards..

Till then,, see you on wednesday 1.10 - 1.50 plus your present as well..

Aiyoo this is even harder than final exam questions#^%$@
(^_-) Tira, Azian and Siew Loo

Go Mei Yee there are 12 more questions to answer...
These are your presents my dear students...sorry99x from me;(

It is time for a change...

I feel like changing my blog template...and this is how it looks now...

 green will always be by first it

Perhaps it might look simpler than before..actually i had no intention on posting any...but something bugs me to do so..than here i am writing nonsense..haha..(at least i made an effort to write something)

Basically why i like green?

(^_`) i feel happy when i see green
(@_@) it cheers me up
(^_^) Easily attracts me (simply i'll drag my eyes to anything looks green)
(-_-) i got few collections of green stuff and whenever i see them i feel like wanna have more 
(0_-) It brings me to the past (why??? hehe...secreto de amore wahahaha)
(0_0) Green is ME...(can't explain more)

Go green....
P/s : i've no idea why i put all the unrelated emoticons next to my points.It doesn't represent any moods..just feel like they are all cute and they should be there to make it looks more fancy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

English class

Assalamualaikum and hi especially to my blog and other blogers..i would love to share about this article that i've taken from this will help you to improve your knowledge in English..

When you hear about something in advance, you get notice or information ahead of time. Advance also means to move forward or to make progress. Advance can also function as adjective, as in the case of “an advance payment”, which means payment made ahead of time/before hand.
When you say something is advanced, it means “complex or sophisticated” and should not be confused with the past tense form of “advance”.
Note: We often see advertisements use “Advance Level”, which should be “Advanced Level”.

A, B and C are called letters of the alphabet, NOT alphabets. Alphabet is a character set that includes letters and is used to write a language.

When “awhile” is spelled as a single word, it is an adverb meaning “for a time” (“stay awhile”); but when “while” is the object of a prepositional phrase, like “Lend me your monkey wrench for a while” the “while” must be separated from the “a.” (But if the preposition “for” were lacking in this sentence, “awhile” could be used in this way: “Lend me your monkey wrench awhile.”)

To “back up” is an activity; “back up your computer regularly”; “back up the truck to the garden plot and unload the compost.”
A “backup” is a thing: “keep your backup copies in a safe place.” Other examples: a traffic backup, sewage backup, backup plan, backup forces.

Most of the time the word people intend is “compliment”: nice things said about someone or praise.
Complement, on the other hands, means supplement each other or making something complete.
e.g. vs. i.e.
“e.g.” is the short form for exempli gratia, and means “for example”. “i.e.” is the short form for id est, and means “that is”. Use “e.g.” when you want to give an example (or several examples) of something just mentioned. Use “i.e.” when you wish to explain briefly or to clarify what you just said, or say the same thing in other words.

A principle is a formulation regarded as a basis for thought or action. For example, the principles of liberty.
A principal is the person you see in schools, who leads the school administration. As an adjective, “principal” means “foremost, first, primary, main”, as in “the principal reason I am here is …” or “the principal cause of this phenomenon is …”

Contrary to normal rules of English, the single ’s’ in loose is pronounced like an ’s’ – as in wearing trousers that are too loose. Lose on the other hand, relates to loss – for example: “I hope we don’t lose this game”. A good way to remember this is that in the word “lose” you have lost the second ‘o’ from loose.

Students often use “I was very boring at the party”. It should be “I was very bored at the party”. Adjectives that end with -ed talk about one’s own feelings, whereas adjectives that end with -ing talk about a person, a thing or a situation that causes one’s feelings. Examples: The movie was boring (so I felt bored). My boyfriend has a very annoying habit (so I am annoyed).

Irregardless is an informal term, which is technically incorrect. The suffix “-less” in regardless has already indicated the meaning of “without”. By adding “ir-” as prefix (means “not”), it creates a “double negative”, which shows the opposite meaning instead.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life is about to give

Either you offer help or you need help..
life relate to both...
To people you concern or someone you can count on...
I've no idea coz i need those...
Do not wait for a help IF,
you can solve the matter by your own BECAUSE..
you will look so pathetic...



Anyone who needs it..
With what???
Anything that you have..
Not necessarily...You have 
  ARMS to protect
  LOVE to care
  WORDS to sooth
  BLOOD to save a life
  Those will do....even a SMILE could help to..



Allah loves you when...
   - you give more without asking for benefit in return...
   - you help with sincere and full-hearted..
   - you pray for other's good..
Believe me..
HE will give you ten times benefit when you give only once...
A help that you can't anticipate...
From any angles of the world...



My heart tells me something...
  " As a girl you're fragile and delicate "
    you're so soft easily wounded...
    However, you're not merely a girl as it is
    You are and individual that Allah has created to perform His mission...
    Therefore, you need to stand up to be strong...
    As to compare with a man, physically, both are slightly different.
But what does differences make
It wont stop you to contribute something to your religion...


يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ
"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika kamu menolong (agama) Allah, niscaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu. " (47:7)


Change your thought instead of 'what will i get' to 'what should i give'
Do not hesitate to give..

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Detainees' food was poisoned with arsenic.

I was really surprised to read the headline of metro newspaper entitle "Rendam Arsenik". When I first got the paper in hand, my eyes was pulling to a picture of Mavi Marmara voluntaries with the headline that i've mentioned earlier. As I was concerned arsenic is known as a chemical which can cause someone to death.. I was so curious and open to page 10 for further reading. It says that the food which was given to the detainees was suspected to be soaked in arsenic before being served to the hand- deck of Marvi Marmara.

 the last 31st Mei we were alarmed by a shocking news of  the apprehension of Mavi Marmara crews. Their ship was hijacked by the bloody Zionist and attacked cruelly. For God sake..their purpose was just to send the humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip.. so what's the matter?? Yes it's really matter to them coz I personally think that they don't want any sources that could save and support the Palestinian to be able to stand up again. As simple as that..They have been working really hard to vanish Gaza and why should they give chance to allow them wake up???..But again nobody is a good liar than zionist..they cover up themselves by telling the world that they were reacted from the crew's attack..Twisting, editing and making up story so that they won't look evil in the world's eye..ok just forget about that...Let's get back to the story...                                                                                   

Arsenic...This what i've found about its definition..Taken from 
Arsenic is a poisonous substance, which is released both from certain human activities and naturally from the Earth's crust. Humans may be exposed to arsenic mainly through food and water, particularly in certain areas where the groundwater is in contact with arsenic-containing minerals. From another trusted sources arsenic can also be a dangerous chemical that can slowly kill when it is taken in overly dosage. 

It was reported by the three voluntaries from Indonesia and Turkey claimed that their blood contains high measured portion of arsenic..They suspected that it caused by the food given when they were in detention..

“Kami hanya diberi makan timun dan lobak merah segar selepas dibiar berlapar selama 20 jam dan ketika makanan itu diberikan, ia masih berair seperti baru dibasuh.

“Namun, disebabkan terlalu lapar semua aktivis     memakan timun dan lobak yang disediakan tanpa berfikir panjang kerana hanya itu saja sumber makanan yang ada pada ketika itu. 

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What choice do you have if you were the detainees....

Alhamdulillah..the good news is all the six voluntaries from Malaysia were told to be free from the arsenic chemical in their blood after the clinical test. However, further check up is still going to be made as a precaution.

"Ya Allah please save Gaza"