Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank You sooooo Much dear friends

Last Saturday was happened to be my birthday..9th October 2010 
Yay!! Happy Birthday to me..the best thing is on that same day my classmates and I were having our annual dinner "TESL NIGHT 10" at Brisdale Hotel. 
Actually I shared my "B" day with Anis...Happy Birthday Anissss=) mmmuaaahhh

 Brisdale Hotel at chow kit road

Y did u shut ur eyes dear (-_-)

I don't expect to have such a surprise birthday party...

 Mak aiihhh kerasnyer kek nih..

 see there 9th October 2010.v(^_^)v

I stayed up late the night before the dinner...burning the night oil to finish up works (see up there it was self-made u know) together with my classmates at the compound area next to KHAR..we were there till 1.20 a.m and so sad there's nobody wishing me for my birthday....fine~maybe they forgot cause there's so many works to be done...=(

By 2.00 a.m we reached home..i just rushed into the bedroom to get my laptop on..and the first thing to be look at is my FB..well reading all the wishes posted by friends through Fb do carve a smile on my face..=)


And so the next day we departed to the Hotel at around 10.30 a.m...and blaaaa bla bla.
So it came the night that we were all waiting for...

 done with our work!!suddenly we saw a trolley..
hehe Aisyah get in..vrooooommmm3

In the middle of the function right after Punithan had perform his dance I saw two guys brought up the table to the stage and I thought it's going to be used by punit in his second performance..Suddenly, somebody turned the light off and they played a movie..I kinda shock that the movie was dedicated to me and Anis..That was so nice to see birthday wishes from Rowena, Sun, Minjae, Hawoon and Hyung Gyeo...warrrrgggghhhh my tears started to run..I was sooo touch and couldn't explain it by words..THANKS GUYS..you're the best..

stunning performance by punit

can't stop myself from smiling..definitely happy=)

 Grow as one..aja2

 Balloons were all over the table..only Sam with the pump while the rest need to use manual pump.

 These people contribute a lot to the event..thanks guys

Whatever happens family will be the best companion to me..Thank You B.Mie, kak Ida, akak, Nurul, Lila, Ckin, mader, nani and Ibu for the wishes and doa..I hope that God will record all doas forwarded to me..Time Kaceh..Saayannngggg Korang!!!!!
 Love creates a family =)

Ops not to forget my dearest housemates who have been planning and working out this surprise party thanks Zarah, Aisyah, Qis and Syirahhhhhhh (I know that you've done a lot to make this happen and really2 appreciate your effort in working on thee video..may God take your deed in sight)..i'm so lucky to have all of you in my life..wink3

Not included Herman and Lailee ;)
Birthday wish, birthday cake, birthday party and birthday Pr*****
So many things to be spent for birthday..well let see what had i received from my dearest friends.

This was given by zaharah..can't believe that she can
be so romantic at times.

Froggies on leg..thanks syirah

Aisyah are u trying to tell me that my froggy need to reduce weight.. heheee
I like the paper bag most..adorable colour maybe.

i like the color combination...cantek kan!!!

trying to fix two heads in one small goodies bag...

To whom it may concern...I'm so overwhelm by all the birthday wishes posted in my FB..all I can say is Thank you..deep from the bottom of my heart I pray to God that all of you will be blessed by HIM..InsyaAllah..Thank You again..

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