Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Messed up interview....

Started off my day with a date..
Yes I went out for a date today, but not the blind one..
I had to set up a meeting with the students out of the school hours since they are now having their holiday during the PMR examination (Good Luck for those who are sitting for your PMR today)..
Actually this is for my project paper that i need to submit in three weeks time and at the moment it just about 65% done..huhu..still way far more to go...
Thanks for my students Siew Loo, Mei Yee, Tira and Azian for scarifying your holiday for me..yeah teacher has no choice but to burden the four of you with such messed up interview questions.

Well, i'm so happy that they are very patience in understanding my questions which sometimes repeating and unclear to them.. i thought interview is simpler than distributing questionnaire, perhaps not...i pity them for struggling so much on it..O God..this is such a mental abuse to those girls.."bad teacher!!!"

The worst part is...i had promised them a present for helping me, unluckily i left the presents at home...it shouldn't be happen laa..ayoo mak cik..you are getting older and seems that you are older than your age...so forgetful...But don't worry dear girls..i keep my promise in hand...i'll bring them next Wednesday okay...

Anyway, I just wanna record my thanks to the four of you for being so kind and helpful..May Allah grant you with success onwards..

Till then,, see you on wednesday 1.10 - 1.50 plus your present as well..

Aiyoo this is even harder than final exam questions#^%$@
(^_-) Tira, Azian and Siew Loo

Go Mei Yee there are 12 more questions to answer...
These are your presents my dear students...sorry99x from me;(

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