Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I share because I care...

I got this from a book which I still haven't finish reading..Each page will need you to read it twice or maybe more cause you really need to understand the whole idea of the intended meaning..
Basically, t is a very interesting book that I would suggest you to read and digest..every single lines convey wonderful meaning..I got this from a bookstore in front of my campus..It just cost me RM10 but it worth me more than hope this will benefit the readers and even me myself...

by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

In the name of Allah
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Glory to Allah most High, Full of Grace and mercy;
He created all including Man.
To man He gave a special place in His creation.
He honoured man to be His Agent, 
And to that end, endued him with understanding,
Purified his affections, and gave him spiritual insight;
So that man should understand Nature,
Understand himself,
And know Allah through His wondrous Signs,
And glorify Him in Truth, reverence and unity.

2. For the fulfillment of this great trust
Man was further given a Will,
So this act should reflect Allah's universal Will and Law,
And his mind, freely choosing,
Should experience the sublime joy
of being in harmony with the infinite,
And with the great drama of the world around him,
and with his own spiritual growth.

3. But created though he was in the best of moulds,
Men fell from Unity when his will as warped,
And he chose the crooked path of Discord.
And sorrow and pain, selfishness and degradation,
Ignorance and hatred, despair and unbelief
Poisoned his life, and he saw shapes of evil
In the physical, moral and spiritual world,
And in himself.

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