Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It is time for a change...

I feel like changing my blog template...and this is how it looks now...

 green will always be by first choice..love it

Perhaps it might look simpler than before..actually i had no intention on posting any...but something bugs me to do so..than here i am writing nonsense..haha..(at least i made an effort to write something)

Basically why i like green?

(^_`) i feel happy when i see green
(@_@) it cheers me up
(^_^) Easily attracts me (simply i'll drag my eyes to anything looks green)
(-_-) i got few collections of green stuff and whenever i see them i feel like wanna have more 
(0_-) It brings me to the past (why??? hehe...secreto de amore wahahaha)
(0_0) Green is ME...(can't explain more)

Go green....
P/s : i've no idea why i put all the unrelated emoticons next to my points.It doesn't represent any moods..just feel like they are all cute and they should be there to make it looks more fancy.

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