Friday, October 8, 2010

All I can say is Welcome to Malaysia 'Maher Zain'..SAVE THE SOUL

How would you feel when you just one step closer to it but sadly it's not fated to be is so sad and distressing isn't it??I feel sorry to myself coz it happened to me..wuaaaaaaaaaaaa (tears drop like heavy rain)

I've been waiting for this moment for so long hoping that he would come and perform in Malaysia...yes he is??but it's just not my luck coz I couldn't be able to be at his concert on this 14th and 15th of October 2010..all tickets were sold out and I am one of the fans in Malaysia that is sooooo unlucky to miss the chance to meet him..I bet all the way toMBSA will be having bad congested to receive Maher Zain's fan from all over the states..

Anyhow I wish that everything will run smoothly..Aminnnn Ya Rabbalalamin..

Here are some pictures taken from his site on FB...I'm so envy reading all the comments telling about their present to the concert..

 Maher Zain
I wish I could sit next to him (-_-)

 Receiving his platinum award
Congratulation!!!! all readers who are previously do not know who is Maher Zain, help yourself to download any of his songs from the internet and do listen to his songs..All the lyrics were beautifully written and i believe you'll be falling in love with it..and for those who are already the fan of Maher Zain..keep supporting him and let's buy his original CD..

I'm still collecting money to buy one..InsyaAllah

I really wish that there will be another concert in Malaysia to promote his next album so i can be there to support you.. INSYAALLAH.

 Yes I already suggested your album in my blog..hehe

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