Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking for ciimon...

haven't really been checking my blog lately coz i'm filling my 3 days time with sleep, watching movies and futsal tournament instead of reading book for my last paper which is today..LOL!!!

What did i do for the last 3 days?..ok reported from Tanjong Malim...ekeke

Kayaked down the lake...
GREAT!!! a word to express my day...this is my second time kayaking and really enjoy it. It's not something easy as uol see with ur bare eyes..need abundant supply of energy to move the boat which is 100% relying on your both arms..I push myself really hard to move the boat around the lake and reach the ending point where i've started (I must + have to..rather than stuck alone in the middle of the lake)..But as i keep oaring i found that it's just a kid stuff..~turning to be a pro ecehh~.All u need to do is to balance urself and know how to control the paddle..opps plus keep track and don't be panic or else the boat will roll back..Thanks to the green and beautiful scenery that keep me away of the tiredness + Thanks to all for making my day in TM live-able..

Better to sit and watch over the expert 
to do the kayak..flat enough..phewww

Style of a pro..looking ahead where will 
his future be..
                                                                a deep muse of Herman. 

A boat for the beginner
especially 4 person like me
(2 sits are better coz we can leave our partner oaring alone while the other one is jst a silent partner)
sorry Aisyah LoL!!

They are the star

What's next!!!

One thing I hated most playing outdoor game and I don't know what the he** am I doing at the court last night..LoL...I'm no good in any sports and never think of playing any of which till there's  one day when Syirah organized a tournament and unexpectedly our girl's team was lack of player, I put aside all my senses that sport is dreadful so I offered myself to join the team...Wooooww..all i can just say is "Futsal is awesome man..Thanks to Daha n Syirah for working so hard to make all the tournaments in this semester happened..Since we're living in such a poor uni. with poor facilities so the best way to have fun is to fork out money from our own pocket (that is how i value it).LOL..We need to find available futsal court ourselves. At the end of the game still there's no winner or looser since the winner will not get any prizes else we need to pay for the court..pokai..pokaiiiii...

To be honest we (girls' team) are not as good as the boy's team.. we just play about half an hour and go flat..unrest grasping for air..hahaha..yet we are good at cheer leading a.k.a giving support + criticize while the boy' team is playing...wink2...

1. The girls are waiting for their turn
2. Eugene the scholar, Jag with the colorful pants, Faiz wif  sexy pose & Drogba a.k.a romeo

3. Think twice to take them as model..
4. Organizersszzzz

                                                                          5. TESL upc
6. I would call them The another one pillar the make it more stronger.
7. Syirah is giving a shot for our team..GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!