Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a day was today...Yeppie v(^0^)v

Who says that Wednesday is holiday...I said so..haha coz i'm free on this day..and you know what did i do today??

 Previously, I'd posted bout my messed up interview right? It so happened that by 10.30 a.m I managed to finish my short interview heading myself home...well basically the first thing that i did was checking up my FB account. Just got few messages and approving requested friends (performing my daily routine ahaks )..

Actually my housemate and I had planned on visiting our classmate Ain...Last few days she involved in an accident that caused her bad injury..She broke her leg..I feel sorry for her is kind of serious and she had been forwarded to GH Teluk Intan..Well as a friend we feel oblige to pay a visit besides enjoying the beautiful scenery of TI (looking after interesting shops to enter and to invest our money in it)...ehem that is the main agenda actually..

Frankly speaking, I was so impressed by the peacefulness of the hospital..never seen such an empty hospital like that before..hehe...

So the visiting hour is set to be from 4.30 till 7.00 yet we were there about an hour early...walking around the not so-big hospital made us feel slightly throat felt dried so we don't talk much during the sightseeing at the hospital.(0_-)..Naaahhh we saw the right place specially not for a patients like us.."CANTEEN"..just stop by and look for something to eat..~chocolates, waffles, ice-milo, buns, feel like heaven on earth...

4.15 p.m...we couldn't wait more..there so much plan to be done on it's time for acting and we just rush in to block B and faced the guard.."Pak cik kami dr jauh nk melawat kawan..klu lewat sgt takut smpai rumah tengah malam" that was kind of persuading password...changgggg!!!!! password accepted...then we're in...Kacang bah (-_0)

 It was so sad to see Ain on bed...what we could do is to calm herself and told her stories bout our own in hospital..well it was like a story circle..the mission is just to cheer Ain up...and it seems to work..

Then we moved to the town looking for a place where we could keep our money in..GIANT...around 6.30pm we met Kak Nora and went to MC D having our dinner.

Then somebody said.."weihh it 7pm already..cerite Keluarga Bahagia" we rushed out coz we a saw a flat screen television outside.."Dik boley mintak tuka channel 8tv x??" and finally we were sticking ourselves at MC D till 8pm..we cannot miss this episode coz it's about to the end of the story..and so our eyes were glued on the screen.

Hoyeehhh!! we weres so happy we still can find TV to watch Hor Ma v(^_^)v

Luckily we still haven't finished our drink..we are still the customer so nobody can chase us away from our seats.

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