Thursday, January 13, 2011

The very first trip on 2011

Its already the second week of 2011..time flies fast isn't it...Well i'm still in holiday and this long days of devoting myself from rest has made me so deadening. And so since yesterday was announced as 'Hari Hol' for our former Sultan Johor the state declared one day holiday. I didn't plan to go out for me myself I would just prefer to stay in the room and do something that can fill my day~anything. (reading blogs most of the time). So my brother came out with the idea to go to Melaka, since the last year end school holiday he didn't go anywhere. I just say yes to him coz I would feel guilt my whole life if I turn him down for this simple vacation..Well since we stay in Muar which is just about an hour to Melaka, I think it's just a simple matter to drive there..and I say "ok", I could't believe my answer has really cheered him up and he went on planning where to go and what to bring, eat etc..etc

Actually i'm still not in the mood for vacation but it happened that my elder brother called saying that he'll be back on monday..he took extra leave till Tuesday I just straightaway told him about the plan..Positively he say yes to that..I jump high happily coz I knew that I don't have to be the driver.haha..yes!yes! I was so excited more than my brother did..wahaha it's time to go out from the cave, release myself from the cage and go travel without worrying about driving stress. (I just hate driving by my own lately).~

The night before my brother had offered us  food-shopping-treat ( I mean he had allocated some budget ) to buy food for our trip..He brought us the the market nearby and asked us to pick anything that we wanted to bring along the next day(something to munch in the car basically) and some foodstuffs like chicken and vegetables..Well he's a kind of person who would not prefer to eat outside and rather choose to bring home-made food whenever we travel out.. And i'm the one who'll need to leave the pillow at the crack of dawn to cook (I don't mind as long as i'm away of the steering)

At about 10.00 a.m we started the journey and more or less than 1 hour we already reached Air Keroh..Since we've been to Melaka quite few times so we were out of idea where to go..And so my brother decided to have a sightseeing at Taman Mini Malaysia. The last time I went there was when I was 11 years old so I just fine with it. I may have been to Melaka for few times but not visiting their tourism places~ and Taman Mini Malaysia would just perfect to go since i love looking at unique architectural building sometimes.

At the entrance..It seems that we are dominating the picture rather than to show the entrance itself. 
Just wanna show you how does the entrance looks like especially for those who never step their feet on Taman Mini Malaysia

Taman Mini Malaysia is definitely known by most Malaysian perhaps there are some who are still in the puzzle where on earth this place is located. For those who don't really know about this place I think this entry would help you a bit. Generally Taman Mini Malaysia is a cultural park where the replica of traditional houses from each state in Malaysia is put together. Each house has its own name and architectural identity which brings different from one to another. 13 different houses representing each state was rebuilt here together with its furnish, arts and craft depicting the identity. It also placed the traditional houses of Asian countries like Filipina, Thailand, Indonesia and etc.

The place that I like most when visiting the houses was the kitchen. They displayed the old kitchen’s tool used by the former generation to prepare their food. Most of the tools were no longer used in the modern kitchen anymore. When I entered that segment of the house I just couldn’t help to think of my childhood time when I was so into “main pondok-pondok” (a game where little girl loves to play with the kitchen set toys). I didn’t want to miss the chance to snap pictures while playing with the tools; acting as if I was cooking in real. Yeayyyhhh!!

As you entered the park, you’ll see a performing stage on your left side. There will be dancing, acting and pantomime depicting the culture and tradition of Malaysia. By the time we reached there, the performance was already started and my family and I took our seats to watch. The dancers were all very talented and I enjoyed the performance very much. I remembered there was one tourist from China (from his looks la I guess he' s Chinese) he laughed and clapped while watching  though he seems quite not understand the language used by the performers. I just assumed that he was quite astonished by the message and colourful costumes shown in the dance (just my anticipation). Plus one of the dance was like portraying the chinese culture maybe that was what had attracted him most.

The smile gradually faded away as we entered the Asian houses area..I'm so sad that some of the houses were not taking in a good care..Some are not even allowed to be entered due to the safety itself. The stairs of 'rumah panjang' were decayed and almost collapse. The Filipino house was like a haunted mention with the dried leaves scattered all over the floor and old portrait of Mr. "I don't know" was not properly hung on the wall. The eerie surrounding drawn us goosebumps so we just leave the house hopping there's nothing following us..shhhhhh

The next place we went was to see the replica of Portuguese warship called Flor De Mar which located at Sungai Melaka..Well the ticket is worth to buy coz you can go to two places (together with muzium Tentera  Laut Di Raja Malaysia) with just on ticket..rm3 only maa..too tired of typing anymore enjoy the pictures ok.

Here are some of the pictures I would love to share out of 1xx of them..

 We were so excited to get in but, sadly it was closed coz it's not safe for the visitor. The pillar might collapse at any times.

I've tested the hanging-bridge by bounding to the middle and i'm safe.hehehe..come give a try!!

 That two big mortar hold by my brother and sis-in-law are used to pound 'padi' as a way to process rice from padi grains.

It's more to Javanese concept

 Welcome to Singapore!!
 Their landmark is also here.

 The next performance..=)

 Singapore bungalow
Ibu and Nani

Rumah Johore

Just visited Davy Johnes and his crew in his Black Pearl..haha

The next instrumentalist...hoho amik gamba je bole is not my field anyway.


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wah cuti2 jalan2 cari makan gak mu kan? ambe terperap di rumah saja...huaaaaaaa

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jalan dekat2 je la..nk g jauh2 xdop bajet pn x plan mne..jalan satu tmpt je..xpe t kat sabak kite jalan2 ye..