Sunday, January 2, 2011

New window of 2011....01/01/11

Hi guys..first and foremost I would like to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2011.

I just did some blogwalking and new year wishing awash most of the spirits and new resolutions were listed..some chose to stick for the previous unsettled plan and some prefer to look ahead for the new aims and determination...but most are trying to motivate and revive their spirit plus some advice to others..

Definitely new year means adding another a year advance to our other words we are getting older what have u planned in head?As for me I never set any aim b4..Just encounter the year with challenges that come..but this year I intended to do something different..Perhaps sit and wait for the challenges to come and happen by any means might not give any impact on me..I need to have some changes on my set the challenges of my own and get myself through it..

What are they??ahuksssss just about to generate ideas..

  • I wanna be better muslim and contribute something for my religion..maybe through writing..I'm working on it and please help me with your pray guys.
  • SERVICE my Iman and amal
  • Widen my knowledge..further studies..ehemm
  • Produce something that can generate money..hohoho still in plan=)
  • Contributing more entries to cheer my blog..
  • Looking for material that can contribute information to readers rather than revealing a lot about myself and my feeling.
  • Preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically coz i'm gonna to step ahead to a new sphere of life..InshaALlah i'm gona finish my 4 years study..grab my degree and enroll myself to one of the institutions in this country (which i've no idea where) as an educator.
  • Working..working...working get a new life and love and hope it must be better than the previous year which I just left yesterday.
  • Get more friends and invite new someone into my life.hehhehehe..
  • Turn me from XXXXXL to S size..muahahaha
  • Set a new milestone of 2011..
WOOOWwwww the list just take me by storm..Will I be able to do all that..let the time prove it..Anyhow.plan will stay as a plan without effort which I really need to make it happens...naaah cannot be too sceptical to myself..It's not something impossible to achieve kan..

Well those are the tings that I wanna do this year but, how about the things that I wanna get myself away of..

  • Train myself not to be used with procrastination.
  • Muster the courage and effort to end what have I started.
  • Let myself out of boredom and and strip off the veil which brought gloominess to my life..
  • Get away of the idea that "I'm nobody and there's nothing special about me"..That thought has been haunting my life for years.
  • Money problem..need to tighten my belt for a big event this year..If u are generous do give me some..hua99x 
  • Clean myself from debt. Don't know how to express my hatred toward that word.
Here's my pledge:

As 2011 has opened its window me M******M BT. H*****N will stay true and stand still to my resolution and I promise to myself that I will not play around instead of working hard to accomplish my goal. I'll assure myself to double my effort to seek my fortune this year..ohoksss..aduii x bley bla..ciap ngn pledge...

Ok guys..enough with mission, vission aims and so on..GOOD LUCK..wish u'll gain everything that you want this year..let us work on it guys...stay cool..bye2..c u in the next entry..

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