Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What can make you impress??

 I have no idea what this picture has to do with my entry. Just interpret it on your own..ngee=)

What takes you away to make you feel impress on something? arts, unique architectural building, magic, tricks, nature, cars, gadgets, shopping/ sale, pretty woman and what not..well those may give kind of vivid impression and I supposed only you have the idea of what can really attract you most..At the moment (well it may not be permanent I guess) I am so attracted with words..Lately reading really brought an enjoyment to my so-called boring day. I read articles, novels, papers anything mostly in English.. WHY ENGLISH..it is not because i'm westernize or I would want to brag about..Language is not the point to blame at the moment~ I choose English because I believe I could improve my language whilst gaining new vocab..I realized that my English is incredibly bad ..when I say bad It's really bad..believe me...you can even spot grammar error all over the place..

Just put the issues of bad English skill that I have aside..just let me handle it my own..=)


The passionate love for the reading started when I did some blowalking..I just randomly click on other's blog and finally stumble on one which appears to be appealing on my eyes..Surely hers was very colourful and attractive..Despite of her creativity of beautifying her blog, I was fond of her ideas of putting every word in line. Her writing was simple but beautiful enough to make my eyes glued on her site...Her blog was basically tell the tales of her journey to few countries that she went around..Started from her migration from Indonesia to Egypt as to follow her father who were running his own business on tourism, her family and her decided to settle down in Egypt and that moment had became her starting point to wander around few countries which I myself put a dream on to go (On fine day perhaps..when money turns not to be a big problem for me)..Talking about travelling, I just remembered reading from an article where there was a man who sell everything he own and use the money he had to achieve his mission to travel around the world in one year..Impressively he did it and recorded everything he experienced in his blog..(I would think twice or even more to sell off my properties to achieve that kind of dream..I would use the money for other purpose..well actually I have nothing to mortgage..haha)

After knowing about her blog, I cant resist not to read it whenever I had the chance to go online...I'm cursed..I'll read over and over again, embrace myself to every words tough she wrote quite a long entry..She had described everything in detail which magically has turned my views of how great to have the experience to see the world outside of my own ..Reading hers was like letting myself to travel along (Good enough to a person who has no money like me..reading can make you travel as well..heehe)..hmm that is the magical of words..can you imagine? No till you experience it yourself~ naaah go do some reading!!

Besides her blog, there were few other blogs which I found grabbing my attention (Sorry its not that I dont wanna share their site..Im not doing advertising job here..just wanna share why I like to read certain blogs/ anything related to reading material as well..To show my respect to the particular writers I choose not to display the url..) She also wrote about traveling and foods.. I used to get affected by food-hunting documentaries broadcast on television but reading hers was like i'm tasting the food as well..Her writing turns me hungry as she described the feeling and taste in accurate word..waahhh..how great she is to be able to make me hungry just by words..  

When I mentioned about blogwalking of course I had encountered numbers of exciting blogs. Those which I described above was just two of them..Most of the blogs that I went through was great and super creative..bloggers were scratching their head to bleed to amuse readers to visit their site..The power of words are capable to bait readers curiosity to know more and somewhat to entertain them..that's why I said words can impress me..well the cyber-world nowadays has taken over the shaman's job to put spells on people..hhehe

Moral Value = Do blog-running instead of just reading..u'll learn faster..ngeeee

Bye2 everyone..have a good and tight sleep..dear "sleeping beauty"...they wouldn't call sleeping beauty for nothing coz sufficient sleep really helps you to get fresh and beautiful looks..

 I wish everyone around me were artist where they could see the beauty of me..hehe

moxx 1.38 a.m

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