Friday, January 14, 2011

13th January 2011

I dedicate this to my beloved mom..Supposedly it should be posted on the last 13th January 2011 but I couldn't make it since I want to produce the best out of my idea as your present..I hope you are in peace and fine there..May Allah accept all your good deeds..Mom I know you can't read this yet this is all I can do to show my love for you...Happy Birthday Mak...

Today is so bright,
I'm so happy to view the sunlight,
It is so wonderful 
and the beauty caught my sight,
The sky is blue and the birds fly high,
As I turn my head to the left and right,
I couldn't see you,
And I suddenly cried...

You said Life is going to be tough,
That is why you thought me to be rough,
But what I learned from you is still not enough,
I realized I need to experience life by myself.

When I was small you lead my way,
You taught me to fight and put the problem away
I manage the game of life and continue to play
Because of your words I still stand and I can stay...

You once slapped me and said I was wrong,
I couldn't accept and it is you I put the blame on,
I'm sorry for I am too young,
But now I understand,
Your act trained me to be strong.

I'm so hurt that I couldn't reach you,
I want to tell you all the colours that paint my life through,
what's the yellow and what's the blue,
So you can cry and laugh with me too,

The path is too dark, the wind is too cold
I couldn't bear to walk and face it alone,
The future is so fierce that I need your hand to hold,
Yet the fate ask me to handle it on my own.

Your voice is keep calling me,
I look around but I still couldn't see,
I wander around to see where could you be,
With million hopes you would stand next to me.
There's something  between us,
 I wonder what it was...
Oh, I realized that you are no longer exist.

I don't prepare to let you go,
But God decided to love you more,
The pain I've gone through has made myself sore,
Buried deep in my heart your love and your soul.

I love U
and I know you love me too
Please take care of abah
May Allah bless both of you...

                                                              -Haneem Hasnan-
~Allah loves them more than I do~

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