Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I went for a sightseeing to Proton City last Monday..Actually I planned to do my revision for the paper that I've taken today at the first place but, it turned out to be a 'snap session'...

Early in the morning...
Me, Zarah and Basyirah decided to go to Proton City hoped that we could gain new mood of study in new environment..As usual our life is incomplete without food so, we stopped by a stall to get our breakfast. Unfortunately, nothing much left since it was almost 10.00 a.m and it's common that most of stall around TM would finish their selling around that time..Still we didn't give up of trying..we moved from one stall to another..At last we knew that the best place to go is "Mamak Bayan"~available 24 hours..

Proton City...
Since i brought my D3000 along so, it is a waste to not to use it at the right place and the right time..i took it out from the bagman and started clicking..So contented to look at the result..Though i'm not a pro in photo shooting I managed to snap some beautiful pictures..and it is sort of achievement to me...Credit to Aisyah who has taaught me on how to use it?

Here are some of the pictures taken at Proton City lake by me n syirah.

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