Monday, April 19, 2010 and today

Why today??? 
(sad/ lamentable/unsatisfied/ worried/ gloomy tone)

Actually i just completed my first paper today and I know that i didn't do the best...i know the fact that i didn't prepare and I didn't even finish reading my notes. I was given a week to prepare but i wasted em all. And so I don't expect to score good grade for this paper and the papers onwards..~Face the fact man~ just wait for the result and see what you will get~

Of course after stepping my foot out of the exam hall i felt regret of what i've done to myself and my future (but the sense faded away after 5 minutes..huhu)..I'm digging my own grave...

I envy my friends for having the determination that I wanted most at this very moment..they manage to get themselves away of the disruptions...unlike me, i just feel like I am surrounded by the upper class satans and now they are spawning around me...

oo how I wish i could throw my laziness somewhere....


cik zatil said...

eh tak baik hang men
gali kubur..hehe

buang itu malas jauh
jauh ok [kita sama]

kuatkan hati dan
semangat bebeh..

:) ciimon..

cool2bhaneem said...

haha zatil thanks..ala biase la first paper ralat la skit..pastu da x rase ape da..otai kate nye..haha..x la mmg da pasrah da pun..tau usaha setakat biji sawi...xley harap lebih2