Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 criterion of a cruel muslim...

Sufyan Atsauri said : "10 types of cruelty are..."

1.  A muslim who just pray for himself, not contributing his pray for his child (descendant) and the relatives (other muslims).

2. A muslim who is able to read Al-Quran fluently but in a day he couldn't manage recite even 100 verse.

3. A muslim who enters the mosque and leave it without performing 2 rakaat of "solat sunat"

4.  A muslim who passes through a graveyard and not giving salam or alms his prayer to the ahlil kubur.

5.  A muslim when in his area received a visit by an Alim ( a religious and knowledgeable person), he does not take the opportunity to learn from him.

6. A muslim when he meet his friend but didn't greet each other.

7. A muslim who travels to a new place but didn't perform solah with the jamaah.

8. A muslim who is invited to an occasion yet he refused to attend.

9. A muslim who is unemployed and doesn't want to improve his knowledge and politeness.

10 A muslim who is filled with food otherwise he knows that his neighbour is hungry. (don't even offer his food to the need one)


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