Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life in a playground

School and college’s life are so wonderful that one couldn’t easily forget…I see them as a life in a playground..We are free to run everywhere, try whatever games that we like, we fall and cry then stand up again to play, we meet friends and play with them, the play set are so colorful that makes us happy, we learn new games, despite playing we have to behave so no one would get hurt and when the time comes we have to stop playing and go home..

For almost 11 years being at school, life as a student is restricted to the time and rules… Having class from morning to afternoon, continue with sekolah agama till evening, wearing school uniforms and have to wash it every day, joining the school choir and bla..bla..bla…
Back to the time when I was in primary school.. It was around 1992 where I was in standard 1..so you can guess how old I am right now..keep counting honeyyy~~I still remember I wore blue black pinafore and carried school bag which the size was bigger than me..I brought all the books in my green Ninja Turtle bag coz I hate to refer to my timetable plus I don’t even care where had I put it..Since my mom was a teacher in the secondary school (SEMKAH) which is just nearby my school so I don’t have to walk far..5 minutes hiking, then I’m there. Haha..my school is located at the top of the hill that’s why I called it hiking..Frankly speaking I’m not amongst the excel student but hey I’m not stupid either..Intermediate I might say..So I cannot recall much about my primary school..hehe..Here’s the picture that I took from my friend’s FB..thanks for uploading the pic..it’s a masterpiece man…

From the top-left : Is, Razali, Ammar, Azlie, Yaqin, Amin, Hadzri, ****, Azizi, Ridzwan, Fahmi, Taufiq..
Second row-left: Me (ciimon), ****, Syarifah, Zafirah, Syahidah, ****, ****,
Front row-left: Nabila, ****, Mimi, Afiz, Cikgu Mislina, Laila, Ayu, Intan, Azalia
(indicator: **** refers to those whom I cannot recall the names..really sorry guys)

I just can recall few names of the teachers yet not the subject>> Cikgu Hamim and Cikgu Safiah (Thanks cikgu for attending my sister’s big day), Cikgu Mat Sam (discipline teacher), Cikgu Rudaini (met him during my ROS), Cikgu Rostam (cool guy), Cikgu Kosnan and my most beloved teacher is Mdm Lui Yen Keng…will never erase your name in my memory..Okay..how bad it is, out of 40+ just can call back 7 names..so sory~~again..

After ended primary school, i moved to a new school and stayed at hostel. I played in a new playground and met new friends..my life story continues in "life in a playground 2"..to be continued...

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