Thursday, April 15, 2010

I command you to fill my spirit..adagadabraaa~~

I don't know to whom i request for the spirit to come.^#^%$&^(*.don't get confused i'm not practicing any forbidden charm, chant, magic spoken and whatnot to gain my spirit is just a call for self-motivation that drastically dwindle.i'm not in a mood of study..i've been putting the books out of my sight for about 3 days (What a waste of time right~)..sort of limbo that exam is just around the corner.upgrading and beautifying my blog become so exciting rather than abusing my eyes to read every single words in the note that appear to be like hieroglyphs.huuuuuuiihhh..

I set up my time to spend about just an hour to surf my blog and FB and then continue to read my I went for a blog-walking and came across few nice blogs..i was attracted to one blog that i can't mention who's the owner is..i was favourably inclined to read all his posted issues (i read them all)and am not resist to become his follower..flawless critique on politic matter tough i'm not keen to read about politics before..but the way he peels of the issue is simple and good enough to amaze person like me (superficial understanding on politic)..I kept wandering from one blog to another and continue reading till i found out that..hey i've been gazing my eyes on the screen for almost 4 unavoidable circumstances..absolutely dragging from what i've planned..hmmm I wonder why i can stand to strain my eyes on the screen instead of looking at my notes..the answer is simple..attraction!!

Back to the study can i motivate myself?? to be honest i am a last minute person..everything i do i'll do it when i am in the peak of stress..and at the moment i don't feel stress at all~yeee ha!!..For me personally i can grasp better when i read at the very last nerve force me to memorize and it will easily stick there till i spill it out during the exam..but all the way to swallow everything in a short while is not easy would feel like suffering from cancer..i tell you..dizzy, giddy, spinning like hell, allergic out of sudden and on will abruptly struck you..but anyway i'll survive...i eat with notes by my side, notes will be my blanket and pillow while i sleep, burn the midnight oil to read, read, read, and read and couldn't stop reading till the last day of the examination..creepy!!

Ok now i think i've spent a lot of time to write and ramble..need to move my vision to my all readers who are in the same condition as me..~Good Luck guys... i know you can do it..speed~..for those who are well-prepared ~have a nice sleep and do well in your exam..for some who don't need any effort to study coz they think they are good enough ~I salute you courage~...sayonara..

All the best..=)

We all can do it..yeaaahh!!! (scream!!)

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