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Men from Mars and Women from venus ~my version~

My review on Men from Mars Women from Venus by John Gray

Men and women used to be different in so many ways..

Thought..ideas..feeling...interest...patterns and so forth

However, the differences bring them together as one ideal partner...ehemmm sounds like a pro..okay let see.. what he says and she says..

Women : Known as alien from Venus
Characteristics : Tender, fragile, Sensitive, Strong intuition

Women always complain : Why he doesn't want to call me???
                                                 Did he really love me??
                                                                                                               Why??why??why??? and Why?????????

(Feminist point of view )  Basically women tend to arise so many questions to satisfy themselves. SIMPLE..All they  need is proof shown by the men that they do really care about their partner + be a good listener to her problems and comfort her with sweet words. Conclusion - women want ATTENTION.

                                      HOW ABOUT MEN???
 Men : Alien from Mars
 Characteristic : Ego, superior, rationale, n bla3

 Men would always response : Just take it easy..
                                                      Then what else....

(Patriarch point of view) : Men want to lead, they want to solve problems that come to them on their own. He acts like a saviour. At time, men manage to control situation easily because of his calmness and rationality..

Both aliens are actually talk in different language but they thought they could understand each other..That's why they frequently involve in small fight or argument...MISUNDERSTANDING...Women would perceive and understand what is being said by men in different interpretation and so do men...What they need to do to maintain the relationship is a good interaction/ effective communication and unlimited patience..

I just write based on what I've read
NO offend~

The dialogues below are taken from my friend's file which is also related to this topic..I guess~

30 Vs 12

30 Luahan Perasaan Suami.

1."Isteriku, Iktitraflah kelakianku"
2."Isteriku,Jagalah Rumahku"
3."Isteriku, Janganlah Leteri aku"
4."Isteriku, Fahamilah Perasaanku"
5."Isteriku, Berbincanglah dengan ku"
6."Isteriku, Hiasilah Dirimu"
7."Isteriku, Berlemah Lembutlah terhadapku"
8."Isteriku,Hargailah pemberianku"
9."Isteriku, Janganlah Pilih Kasih Terhadap Anak-anak"
10."Isteriku, Jagalah Makan Minumku"
11."Isteriku,Jagalah pakaianku"
12."Isteriku , Didiklah Anak-Anakku"
13."Isteriku, Raikan Keluargaku"
14."Isteriku, Sembunyikanlah Kepintaran & Kelebihanmu"
15."Isteriku, Janganlah Membuang Masamu"
16."Isteriku, Janganlah Banyak Kerenah"
17."Isteriku, Patuhlah Kepadaku"
18."Isteriku, Janganlah Cemburu Buta"
19."Isteriku, Tunjukanlah sifat sabarmu"
20."Isteriku ,Iktiraflah Kepimpinanku"
21." Isteriku, Bantulah Kejayaan ku."
22"Isteriku,"Jadikan Anak2ku Insan Berakhlak mulia"
23."Isteriku, Permudahlan Penglibatan Sosial ku"
24."Isteriku, Janganlah Boros"
25."Isteriku, Hargailah Kejayaanku"
26"Isteriku,Galakkanlah Hobiku"
27."Isteriku, Suburkanlah Pembangunan Intelek ku"
28."Isteriku,Berjimat Cermatlah"
29."Isteriku, Berterus-terang dan Berkomunikasilah Denganku"
30."Isteriku, Janganlah Terlalu Mengawalku."

12 Keluhan Isteri Terhadap Suami

1. suamiku...bimbinglah keluargamu...
2. suamiku...janganler rileks aje...tolonglah sikit !!!
3. suamiku...jagalah matamu...
4. suamiku...jangan abaikan rumahtanggamu
5. suamiku...jangan balik kerja lambat sangat
6. suamiku...dengarlah rintihan hatiku....
7. suamiku...bertutur dengan lembutlah nganku...jangan main hentam kromo aje!!!
8. suamiku...setialah pada keluargamu....JANGAN CARI YANG LAIN!!!!
9. suamiku...bersabarlah dengan kerenah anak-anakmu !!!
10.suamiku...ciumlah pipiku @ dahiku sebelum pergi kerja
11.suamiku...makan dan minumlah hidangan dari air     tanganku. Jangan jeling aje dan nak komen aje.
12.suamiku...pujilah diriku dan jangan bandingkan diriku dengan orang lain!!!!

What's Good is always from Allah and What's bad comes from my weaknesses

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