Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beware!! Satan’s name in your Fatihah

I received a message posted by my Jr in FB last few days and thought of sharing it with you..
Actually It tells about the errors in your reading that may convey wrong meaning (the satan’s name).. I believe this is so important to be shared coz some of us might not realize or unaware on the words that we utter in our daily pray...We pray coz we know it is part of our duty of obeisance to our God (Allah the Almighty)..But in actual fact, are we really giving the best to perform it? How many of us have really understood the meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah that we’ve applied in our solah? ~The answer is in our heart~
There is a say “Apabila cacat bacaannya maka, rosaklah solatnya” which means we will not achieve perfect solah with imperfect reading /recitation. Therefore, be mindful of what we read and help yourself to improve the knowledge.
Here are some of the words that may contribute to the Satan’s name if we pronounced it wrongly:
1. DU LI LAH (When read it without sabdu) supposedly DULILLAH

2. HIR ROB (When read it with sabdu) supposedly HI ROB

3. KIYYAU (When read it with sabdu) supposedly KI YAU

4. KANNAK (When read it with sabdu) suppose to be KA NAK

5. KANNAS (When read it with sabdu) suppose to be KA NAS

6. Iya (pronounce without sabdu) shoud be pronounced as Iyya. Iya means 'sun' in the fifth verse,when we  read it wrongly it will turn the meaning to "kepada mataharilah yang kami sembah dan kepada matahari kami meminta pertolongan"!!!! (We obeisance the sun and to him we ask for help) 

7. SIROTHOLLAZI............. read through without stop till end. 

8. AMIN ...............Close the reading of surah Al-Fatihah with AAmin (AA means 2 harakah) and MIN (with 3 harakah)

Hope this info will give benefit to you and do correct me if I did any mistake in delivering the message to you…Anything good is always comes from Allah..



tengs 4 the great info.

cool2bhaneem said...

no big's my obligation dear..klu ade info yg best2 ley r kite kongsi2 kan..gnekan channel blog ni to the max..