Sunday, June 27, 2010

What mood is BLUE???

Colors and mood...
Someone had told me that both of these terms are related and give profound effect to our mood and feeling..whether it's a  fact or not..I can't give you the answer..but the fact is now i'm feeling totally sad and blue represents my tone at the moment..knowing the truth that I've lost a friend..(u can read my previous post).

I'd checked my Fb and farewell wishes were flooding my site..i read them all and felt really touch..A man who was just the same age as me has already gone. Buried along with him an ambitions, dream and aspiration that will not be a reality...Allah has planned everything perfectly and He knows what's best for him...

I couldn't resist that every single event that occurs in this world is attached with Hikmah (wisdom)...a lesson that we have to learn from it and rectify ourselves from dragging away...There are three things which is beyond the control of human 1. Death and life span 2. Fate 3. Substances (correct me if i'm wrong)..Those had already been stated in Luh Mahfuz and we as a human can only change those by dua (hard pray) and tireless effort...

It's not a false to plan your life n future as if you'l be living in this world for 100 years but all the way we have to remember that life is short and it's unpredictable..God can take whoever he wants just like that...I've facing the lost before and it was so hard for me..two very important people in my life had left me..i cannot explain how bitter my life is..For me it's a test that all of us will and have to face...I know that they are all good people and God took them away coz He loves them..

Ya Allah please accept their worship...
Ya Allah please accept their good deeds..
Ya Allah protect them from punishment..
Ya Allah bless them and grant them with Jannah..
Ya Allah put them together with para Solihin..
Ya Allah don't let us who are still living on your world astray..
Guide us to the right way..
Dont neglect us..
Ya Allah please direct us to the right path and away from Your wrath..
Ya Allah please accept my dua

Ya Allah Please take my BLUE away ..ameen...

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