Sunday, June 27, 2010

Missssss my blog so much


It's been a while i've not met my blog...almost 2 month i is not that i'm short of ideas of what to write..i think my fingers are just too heavy to 'dance on the keyboard' and there's no force for me to put myself in front of the laptop and vomiting ideas..well i know of some bloggers who were dropping encouraging words to me to continue writing..I really appreciate your support dear friends and InsyaAllah i'll dig out ideas and topics to make sure my blog will be alive again..

Actually I've drafted few articles to be posted..It's merely a simple writing but taking me years to finish it..haha..the articles are actually based on what I've read on few books lately..I really wish it could benefit the readers and newcomers..Ok till then..I need to stop now sisters are lining up to use the internet since we're not using wireless at home...till we meet again with some fresh ideas and input...

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